Designated Survivor is definitely coming back on Netflix with season 4 as Keifer Sutherland signs for the show.

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Designated Survivor is definitely coming back on Netflix with season 4 as Keifer Sutherland signs for the show. What seemed like an impossible is suddenly looking plausible for Designated Survivor fans, and the fans of all political-fiction-drama genre lovers. Necessarily, these shows represent the suppressed consciousness of the oppressed people, the country doesn’t fall under the context as much as the oppression does.

As of 25th July, the official news was that there will be no more seasons of Designated Survivor, that meant season 3 left us empty-handed with the reign of (character)President Tom Kirkman.

“We’re particularly thankful to star and managerial producer Kiefer Sutherland, who produced enthusiasm, dedication and unforgettable performance as President Kirkman.

“We’re also beholden to showrunner/administrator producer Neal Bear for his guiding spirit furthermore a steadfast hand, creator/executive producer David Guggenheim and EPs Mark Gordon, Peter Noah, Simon Kinberg, Suzan Bymel, and Aditya Sood along with the cast and crew who crafted a compelling and pleasing final season.”

This was Netflix’s statement paraphrased. Thus it meant that Keifer Sutherland was not going to return, what added to the misery was when Keifer posted a video on social media thanking the fans for all the support and Netflix for their creative freedom. Unless one is very mistaken, that essentially translates to a sad goodbye. This could have been a move made in the pleasant expectation of creating enough fan-frenzy that Netflix would eventually ring up with an offer.

Keifer Sutherland uploaded a video on social media speaking cheerfully in a nostalgic manner about the series, we roughly paraphrased it into: “I craved to take a moment to thank everybody for their unbelievable support with Designated Survivor. The third season is the conclusive season. You guys have just been astounding. It was an exaltation to play Tom Kirkman, and I acknowledge you so much for sustaining it through the three seasons we got to do. All my love, thanks a lot.”

As of now it officially stands cancelled, so that’s as much insight that could’ve been offered! 

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