Dragon Prince Season 4 Is it coming back for a season 4 or does this fantasy drama series end with a season 3!?

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Is dragon prince coming back for a season 4 or does this fantasy adventure series end with season 3 !??

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Dragon Prince is a fantasy, adventure, comedy and drama series based in the magical land of Xadia. This series is an animated one and is created by Aaron Ehasz. If you’re in for some magical drama with a twist of mystery you should definitely give this one a try.

The main characters include Jack De Sena who voices Callum Paula Burrows who voices Rayla and Sasha Rojen who voices Ezran. It a tale of elves garguantan dragons and the war between humans and magical creatures. It is considered to be one of the most popular animated fantasy series.

It airs on Netflix and is extremely popular among audiences.The question now which ponders many fans is will the series be renewed for season 4 by Netflix?.

For those of you who don’t know what happened in season 1, let me enlighten you, in season 1 the people were introduced to the magical land of Xandia and that the human kingdom and the Xandia kingdoms shared a lot of bad blood.They had been enemies since the start. Throughout the seasons  we learn why they were enemies in the first  place.

The elves of Xandia believe that the humans had destroyed the egg of the Dragon King and Queen,instead they had stolen it and thus the elves attack King Harrow though we never saw a body.The season 2 revolves around yet again their conflict and it introduces a baby dragon Zym and Callum discovering his knack for elemental magic rather than dark magic.

As a human he has to  kill a magical creature to harness power but Callum doesn’t attempt any of this yet somehow manages to tap into elemental magic. Season 3 just recently released on Netflix and fans can’t get enough of it. Many fans are waiting for a season 4.Is that going to happen?

Recently there were rumors that stated that maybe the series  may end with season 3 but then it was said that season 4 is currently in the developmental stage.

The situation is getting murkier as Danika Harrod has left her position as head of community development of the show citing some issues with the makers.There were rumors of misogynistic behavior on the sets of Dragon Prince. Hopefully these are just rumors and the show’s future isn’t in jeopardy.All of us hope for the best.


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