Fans Are All Curious To Get Amber Heard Removed From The Cast Of The Aquaman 2.

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All Johnny Depp fans are out supporting him in his legal fight against his ex-wife Amber Heard. Petitions have also been signed to get Amber Heard out of the cast list of Aquaman 2.

This legal battle started back when Amber accused Depp of physically abusing him. But later on, Depp came forward claiming that it was instead Amber who abused him. Johnny Depp later came up with a lawsuit against Amber which stated that she was a domestic abuser. This lawsuit also stated that the drama pulled up by Amber Heard was to publicly defame Johnny Depp.

On a recent claim made by Johnny Depp, he said that his ex-wife made numerous attempts to defame him as far as she could. Johnny Depp’s lawyer also claimed that all the so-called false accusation made by Amber was just an attempt to secure a premature financial resolution by means of abusing Depp.

Now as it is nearly three years to Johnny- Amber split, let us get on to know as to how they first met. Johnny Depp first met Amber Heard on the sets of The Rum Diary back in 2011.

The couple after long term dating finally got married in the year 2015. It was just more than a year of their married life when Amber Heard filed for divorce. After about a week she filed a domestic violence case against Johnny Depp. The internet was on fire after the same news spread all over. Photos of Amber’s face with bruises also surfaced online.

Recently Johnny Depp was asked to produce his drugs and alcohol records in front of the Jury by 15 November. Since Johnny failed to meet the deadline the trial was postponed.

Who’s faking and who’s innocent? Is it Johnny or Amber? Stay tuned for further updates.


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