“Fargo Season 4”: What will happen when two crime families collide? Click to know Plot, Cast and more!

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Crime and comedy is rarely a good match. But, when it comes to Fargo, the two genres go perfectly hand-in-hand. Created by Noah Hawley for FX, the series draws inspiration from Coen Brothers’ movie of the same name. The anthology series debuted on 15th April 2014. To date, thirty episodes spanning three seasons have been released. The most recent season ran from April to June 2017.

Overall, Fargo has received immense critical acclaim. Furthermore, the show managed to consistently maintain the quality of the series. The series has also won multiple famed awards including The Primetime Emmy and The Golden Globe, among others. Due to its massive success, Fargo is considered as one of the best tv series of all time.

Fargo Season 4: Release date

The series was renewed for a fourth season in August 2018. Initially, season four had a release date of 19th April 2020. In addition, production on it had nearly finished as well. However, the Covid-19 pandemic threw a spanner in the works. This meant that production was halted. Consequently, the release of the upcoming season was also delayed.

The fourth season won’t release until production is completed. And considering the situation, we don’t expect that to happen anytime soon. Regardless, for now, we expect the next season to release sometime next year.

Fargo Season 4: Possible cast

Fortunately, we can now confirm the cast of the new season. Back in 2018, Chris Rock was announced as the lead character of season four. He’ll portray Loy Cannon, the head of a crime family. A year later, it was revealed that Karen Aldridge was cast as Zelmare Roulette. Additionally, they will be joined by other actors such as Jason Schwarzman, Amber Midthunder, Jack Huston, Jessie Buckley and others. We can also confirm that Timothy Olyphant will appear as Richard Wickware, the head of a rival crime family.


Fargo Season 4: Expected plot

Regarding the plot of season four, FX has released some details. We now know that the upcoming season will be set in Kansas City during the 1950s. And, it will centre around the rivalry between two crime families. The families struggle to control the economy of the city. However, to maintain peace they strike a deal to trade their oldest sons. The story will focus on the sacrifices people make, and the lengths they go to achieve their desires. Furthermore, the story will be about people who get way over themselves.

Fargo Season 4: Storyline

Over the course of its run, Fargo has taken an anthological approach. This means that each season focuses on different characters and stories. Thus, the series doesn’t have a single plotline. However, there are some recurring themes throughout the series. Moreover, there have been some overlaps suggesting that the series happens in the same continuity. And, as mentioned before, the series is influenced by numerous other Coen Brothers movies.

Fargo Season 4: Trailer

Fortunately for the fans, FX has released the trailer for the upcoming season. And, It can be watched here


Fans will have to wait for some time to see Fargo back on the screens. Until then, you can check out my Westworld article.

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