Pokemon Yellow Cheats, Codes and Many Hacks that You can not Ignore

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Are you a Pokemon Games fan? If yes, then you are in the right place! After the massive success of Pokemon Blue and Red, Pokemons Games have come with an improved version. Yes, you read that, right! The improved version of Pokemon Games is Pokemon Yellow.

Moreover, despite the old colours and features of the game, people are enjoying it much! What is more prevalent in these games are the cheats. And in this post, you are going to know about some of them.

Pokemon Yellow: This game is a special edition for Gameboy. The developer of the game is Game Freak, and the publisher is Nintendo.

Before I tell you about the cheats, there is a bit of relevant advice for all the gamers. If you want that your tricks must work, then you have to use the US version Pokemon Yellow room. And you have to use this version with the recommended GBC stimulator. This critical step will help the players to make the cheat they are using work!

List of Popular Cheats in the Game:

There are so many Pokemon Yellow cheats that you can use in the game. Other than the stimulator, the players can also use a GameShark device. Moreover, this device is attached to the Game Boy Color. And if you are using an emulator, then you can enter the specific games in the cheat menu.

We have listed the Best Pokemon Yellow cheats below:

  • Masterball Cheat: This cheat brings you several Master Balls. You can get these Master Balls at the Poke Mart free of cost with this particular cheat.
  • Rare Candy: The Rare Candy cheat will help you in levelling up your Pokemon.
  • Walk Through Walls/ Ghost Cheat: This cheat enables you to walk anywhere in any direction on the map. This cheat also gives some tips on how to use the feature.
  • Pokemon Yellow Cheats: These cheats include an unlimited amount of amazing tricks. Some of the cheats enable the player to have an encounter with any Pokemon in the game. Various codes will help the player to set the different Pokemon levels, and they can even load more levels. Some of these cheats are; Legendary Pokemon Encounter, Wild Pokemon Modifier, and Infinite Money.

This game is a Special Pikachu Edition. Go through the cheats and enjoy your game!

Pokemon Yellow Codes:

These codes come with the collection of different systems that have received the appreciation from the users. These cheats also include Master Balls and some encounter codes for all types of Pokemon. There is an important tip that you should save your game before activating any cheat. In case anything goes wrong in the game, this step will be of great help.

  • If the player wants to make the opponent Pokemon Sleep and Burn then apply the code: 0115e8cf

Apply the code and enjoy the game!

  • If you want that all the Pokemons that are there in your team should look like Mew, then use the code: Battle 0115d8cf
  • If the player wants to buy the Master Balls free of cost, then you have to use the code: 01017CCF
  • Catch Wild Mewtwo 0183d7cf
  • Wild Mew 0115d7cf
  • Catch Wild Dragonair 0159d7cf
  • Wild Zapdos 014bd7cf
  • Catch Wild Articuno 014ad7cf
  • Pokemon level 190 01BE26D1
  • Catch a Pokemon level 150 019626D1
  • Pokemon level 5 010526d1
  • Catch a Pokemon level 15 010f26d1

Pikachu Unlock Surfing Pikachu:

You can use this feature without actually using the Pokemon Stadium. The player has to keep the Pikachu in the first place for Surfing Pikachu Unlock.

  • 013972d1
  • 013975d1
  • 013974d1
  • 103973d1

Cheats for Flying and Enemy Attack:

  • For flying Pikachu with Ballons: 013f99d4
  • To start with a Charizard: 01B41ED1
  • For the infinite PP(4th position): 01282fd0
  • The enemy cannot attack and if the enemy unburned at the beginning of the match the use 0170e8cf

Useful Pokemon Yellow Tips:

For the players, it is effortless to use the cheats in the game. Moreover, using the cheats help[ the players to be more skilful and perfect in their gameplay. But other than the tricks there can be some useful steps that can prove to be helpful. What is the use of the game if it does not serve the purpose of fun. Moreover, that is what the makers intend to you. Therefore, for that, there are various tips that the player can use to enjoy the game.

  • The player can catch the Mew without using the cheats. There are the tips which will guide the players to pick the mews without making the use of the tricks.
  • Moreover, the players can catch the Gyrados and Dragonair more easily. Yes, you read that right. 
  • Therefore, you can find these two pokemon without the cheats.
  • Although cheats are there for cycling roads without making the use of the bike, the players can do cycling with no bike. Although it is not that useful, it can prove to be very interesting. After all, it is fun that we intend to find in the game.

Pokemon Yellow walkthrough is a new guide for the game. Moreover, it has all the information on the changes and glitches. The guide may help you to change between the original and digital versions. And this walkthrough can also help the players to load all the Pokemon locations!

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