Get Ready To Experience The Fusion As Khruangbin Collaborates With Leon Bridges For Their New EP.

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Born on 13th July 1989 Leon Bridges is an American soul singer. Still clueless as who it is? Sure you are. Have you heard the song ‘Coming Home’. Yes, he is the singer for that very famous song that won the hearts of millions of people. It was this song after which he rose to worldwide fame.

Moving on to Khurangbin. It’s a trio band from Houston Texas with Laura Lee, Mark Speer and Donald ray in the team. Till this very time this trio group has released 3 successful EPs- Khurangbin in 2010, The Infamous Bill in 2014, and last but not the least the ‘Texas Sun’. The third EP is a little special as here we see Khruangbin trio in collaboration with Leon Bridges.

Moving on to their new EP- it is a four-track EP which will be released next year on February 7th. Its title track is already out so go check it out. I am pretty sure you would love it. The title song is basically a road trip type of song.

On a recent press release announcing the new song, Laura Lee said-” We try not to have too much of an intention because it gets in the way of what the music wants to do. We tried to take the same approach with Leon. For us, it was opening up our world to have another person in it. But all of it feels like Texas to me.”

Confused as how Khruangbin met Leon Bridges and how Leon Bridge landed for this song? I bet you are. Basically it all started a year ago when both of them were out promoting their sophomore albums. And it was on this same tour when they met each other for a couple of shows.

Later on, when this new EP was planned, The Khruangbin thought it as a good idea to include Leon in it as his voice would surely be enriching their work


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