‘Good Girls Season 3’: Is the 3rd season even confirmed? Do we have a trailer for the 3rd season? Have a look to know more.

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The season two finale of the NBC crime dramedy Good Girls left watchers at the edge of their seats, grasping their pearls, and bringing down Olivia Pope-sized glass of wine at the same time. Just in the last scarcely any scenes of the period, Beth, Annie, and Ruby’s silly and profoundly illicit lucrative plans had caused issues down the road for them in a major manner; instigator Beth’s hazardous relationship with her affection intrigue/seller/headache for her Rio cost her the very thing she was attempting to secure, and Agent Turner was spot on her tail, despite everything set on locking her away for her violations. The high-vitality season peak changed the direction of the show totally, as Beth settled on the split choice to get Rio good and gone for good all together for the ladies to get in the driver’s seat of their business.

The third period of Good Girls is booked to profit to NBC for February 16, 2020. All the more uplifting news: It’ll have 16 episodes, more than the 13 episodes and 10 episodes of seasons two and one, individually.

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Release Date

Fans can see the show as it released on February 16, 2020, falling right in the center of TV middle of the season as it typically does; the primary season debuted in February 2018 and the second in March 2019. Also, Team Rio, there’s one more motivation to get energized: Season three of Good Girls just added three scenes to its calendar, implying that there are 16 episodes all out.


Christina Hendricks as Elizabeth “Beth” Boland, Cheated and tormented by her better half. The informal pioneer of the gathering in burglary and printing of phony notes. She is a mother of four kids Retta as Ruby Hill, Beth’s closest companion, Her girl is experiencing Kidney Disease, and she was not having enough cash for the treatment Mae Whitman as Annie Mars, Beth’s more youthful sister and mother of Sadie. She turned into a mother during her high school Reno Wilson as Stanley Hill, Ruby’s shopping center cop-turned-real cop spouse. Manny Montana, as Christopher(Rio) a high positioning criminal who has an illegal tax avoidance business. He is pulled in to Beth. Be that as it may, toward the finish of season 2, he was shown dead, so it is hazy what will be the piece of season 3 or not. Lidya Jewett as Sara Hill, Ruby’s and Stan’s little girl who has kidney malady, Isaiah

Stannard as Sadie Marks, He is a transgender individual who is tormented Matthew Lillard, as Dean Boland, Beth’s better half who undermined her and constrained her to do the burglary at the market for cash to fix his slip-ups.


Toward the finish of season 2, Beth shot Rio as he was beating specialist tuner. Ruby and Annie are not prepared to proceed with their criminal business, yet Beth persuades them to do as such and gets ready to run the game. The ladies will be taking normal schedule employments with the goal that no one questions them – Beth in a stationery store, Ruby in a nail salon, Annie as a Valet, yet the most energizing part that every one of their occupations will help them in their criminal business. As per the news, another young lady will be added to the group as a visual originator. As Rio is good and gone, however, Fans are as yet planning to see Beth and Rio back together. They need him back on the show and would prefer not to see Beth and Dean together.


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