Hajime No Ippo Season 4: Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything else you need to know!

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Japanese Manga series have become the most watched anime series in the world. With its ever growing popularity, Many directors have decided to come up with their own versions of a these series. However, the quote ‘Old is gold’ does indeed stem from past experiences. Hajime No Ippo is one of the most popular Japanese Manga series out there. First introduced in 2000, the show quickly captured the hearts of its viewers. Since then, the franchise has release three more seasons. Today, we look at the news regarding Season 4 of this famous series!

Release Date: Hajime No Ippo Season 4

No updates are out regarding the release date of Hajime No Ippo Season 4.  As mentioned above, Hajime No Ippo follows the story of the Japanese manga series of the same name. Up until season 3, the creators were able to cover about 560 chapters out of a possible 1225. Furthermore, the Season 3 finale did not give any indications about the series coming to an end. The franchise has launched new series with a lot of time in between each release. With Hajime No Ippo’s immense popularity, we can expect the new season to launch sometime in 2021 or 2022.

There are other factors to think about, as well—the coronavirus pandemic is taking over the world. The virus has caused the production of movies and shows worldwide to come to a halt. With the negative impact on the entertainment industry, production for Season 4 may not start any time soon. We have to keep our fingers crossed and wait in the meantime. We will keep you posted with updates.

Characters: Hajime No Ippo Season 4

The characters for the upcoming series will remain the same as the previous seasons. We make this assumption considering that the creators do decide to come up with Season 4. The show will continue to base their performance on the protagonist Ippo Makunouchi. The other lead character, Mamoru Takamura, is also bound to return. Kohei Kiyasu and Rikiya Koyama voice for the afore-mentioned characters, respectively. The other supporting characters will again return to make the show enjoyable. Kimura’s best friend, Masaru Aoki, will return. His role is enacted beautifully by Wataru Takagi.

Tatsuya Kimura, Manabu Itagaki, and Genji Kamogawa will also make their appearances. Keiji Fujiwara, Daisuke Namikawa and Shozo Iizuka voice for the characters respectively. Haruhiko Yagi and Tomoyuki Shinoda might also make appearances. Until now, Toshihiko Nakajima and Seiji Sasaki have voiced for the characters. The English voice actors are different for some of the characters. It is doubtful that we will see new additions to the enigmatic cast.

Storyline: Hajime No Ippo Season 4

The entire show revolves around Makunouchi Ippo. As a kid, Ippo used to get bullied, mostly by his seniors. However, Ippo never really fought against this, instead succumbed to the torture. Like every other kid, Ippo dreams of bringing a radical change in his life but does not have the guts to do so. On a typical day where he was getting bullied, an unexpected hero comes to his rescue. The person is none other than the other lead character, Takamura Mamoru. Mamoru is a boxer and reached his bullies a lesson to remember for life. However, Ippo faints from the beating and faints. He later wakes up in Mamoru’s gym, the Kamogawa Boxing gym.

Mamoru then helps Ippo embark on a journey to regain his confidence. Mamoru starts by asking Ippo if he would punch a bag. Telling him to imagine the bag as a picture of the bullies, Mamoru helps Ippo channel all his anger. Ippo realises how good boxing is and decides to learn the art of boxing. The series continues with Ippo’s journey to becoming one of the best in town. He realises his potential and strengths and works hards to improve. Furthermore, Mamoru helps Ippo discover the true spirit of a boxer. Ippo fights many challenging opponents to become the best.

Plot: Hajime No Ippo Season 4

The plot for the upcoming season is not out yet. However, we do know that the show takes its script from its counterpart, the Hajime No Ippo books. More than half the chapters yet to come to light. One could say that the writers do indeed have an ocean of episodes left.  With no announcement about Season 4 yet, we simply have to wait to find out more!

Trailer: Hajime No Ippo Season 4

The trailer for Season 4 is not available. The creators have not made trailers for any of the earlier seasons. However, we can always count on the fane to come up with their versions and showcase their creativity. We have linked one of the most popular trailers showcasing some of the iconic scenes from the entire show. Here it is in all of its glory!

That is all for today. Don’t worry; we will keep you posted with updates. Until then, continue reading with us!

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