Harry Morton died due to sudden cardiac attack but there is something more to it. Read to find out.

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There was an uneventful demise of Harry Morton whose family revealed that the preliminary tests indicated that Morton died of sudden death due to cardiac attack, but it turns out that the death was due to undiagnosed heart disease.

The owner of the Pink Taco restaurant, Morton was from a famous and successful family of restaurateurs, the unexpected demise was on Saturday at the age of 38. He was found by a family member at his Beverly Hills home when he wasn’t giving any response. It was on Tuesday that Morton’s family shared the official statement that Morton suffered a coronary artery disease with a mildly enlarged heart and therefore it was sudden cardiac death.

It was Dr. Matthew Miller who confirmed to the Morton family that Harry Morton had coronary artery disease. The other study which included microscopy of the other organs is still being worked on, was the statement revealed by the Doctor.

Later an autopsy was carried out on Monday but it was again extended for further tests. Sudden cardiac death is currently the largest cause of natural death in the United States and it has been responsible for 325,000 adult deaths a year, but the worst thing is it doesn’t have any symptoms or warning signs.

There is a memorial service being held in Beverly Hills this coming Saturday for Morton. For clearing the matter, one of the friends of Morton said ‘there were absolutely no drugs involved’ in the death of Morton.  One of the sources also said that the restaurateur’s nose surgery was ‘months and months ago’ and it had nothing to do with his death.

There are no allegations made on as to what exactly is the cause of his death as there could be other external forces too which ignited the cardiac attack. But as there is no proof and no solid evidence found from the autopsy, it must be quite true to believe that it was a sudden cardiac arrest at the end.

Harry Morton was one of the most loved people in Los Angeles and may God rest his soul.

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