Harry Styles makes a snide remark about former band mate Zayn Malik by equating his friend with legendary drummer Ringo Starr

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Harry Styles makes a snide remark about former band mate Zayn Malik by equating his friend with legendary drummer Ringo Starr. Ringo, as the drummer of Beatles, is considered as the forefather of rock, thus one can always argue that Harry’s apparent remark can be taken in a positive way by Zayn.

Ringo is famous for his time with the Beatles, and also infamous for quitting Beatles briefly and then rejoining for a short time and then splitting up once and for all. So what did Harry Styles try to imply? More importantly what can Zayn Malik take from this remark? One Direction was one of the most popular boybands of this decade, perhaps even bigger than Backstreet Boys or BTS. Although, when individuals start considering themselves bigger than the collective, when the ego kicks in and the pride talks, people change. That is the exact same predicament which befell One Direction.

The members handled fame well, but they could not handle their inter-band relationships quite like they did with fame, money and fans. The band split up when iconic members like Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, decided to go their own way and try their fortune as solo musicians. No doubt these musicians are individually phenomenal, and that their zeal to want more than just a boyband is absolutely justified from a creative point of view.

Nonetheless, Harry Styles is recognized as a hilarious jolly person, who loves cracking jokes about himself as much as he does about others. He is also known to do comedy shows besides making music, so was it really surprising for us to see that he made such a comment about Zayn Malik? Not at all, lets not forget, they know each other since early childhood, and no amount of media criticism or pointless articles can create a rift between the two. Zayn probably saw it coming his way, no surprise there.

The initial comment was , “I love those guys, they’re my brothers. Niall, Liam, Louis… Uh.. Ringo! Yeah, that’s it.” – this was simple, funny and absolutely harmless, we can never know what their internal banter is like, we can only guess and judge.
Harry Styles is probably the funniest of all the members in One Direction, and he went further to make some comments about himself which shows that he didn’t mean any harm. “And just like all my serious relationships, were gonna spend one incredible night together and then never see each other again.”

Ending on a sad note, Harry also mentioned in a small way that it would’ve been great if his brothers from One Direction were there that day, but unfortunately they are not, this most definitely hit us harder than the snide remark ever could.

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