Hotel Del Luna Season 2: Confirmed Release Date & Trailer

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A dark fantasy Hotel del Luna South Korean series created from Studio Dragon, Hong sisters, wrote the script under the direction of Oh Choong Hwan. Hotel del Luna’s period of the season with sixteen-episode drama aired in TvN.


Also, within a short period,  it was available in the different networks now like Netflix, Viki, We Tv with English Subtitles. Furthermore,  it also holds a twelfth position in the world drama seen in everywhere. It was surely likable for the lovers of  Korean dramas. Season 2 air with a new destiny and new cast, soon it will be on screen.

“Hotel del Luna” Season 2: Release Date

Hotel del Luna first season with 16 episodes aired in July 2019 with more viewers in the K dramas. At the end of the chapter, it finishes with hinting a story for the next story with a different cast. Currently, there was no renewal for another series, and Hong sisters have confirmed that the first season was the conclusion of the story. As it hit worldwide and fans are requesting for another season so we may have a possibility. If there are any updates, we will inform you.


“Hotel del Luna” Season 2: Cast

In season 2, we expect new faces to be in the show as season 1 ends with Kim Soo Hyun, so as the original owner, he will be the main character of the upcoming series and expect Yoo Jin-goo for a guest role. We will able to see a lot of Kpop idols and more exciting aspects.


“Hotel del Luna” Season 2: plot

At the end of the season, the Mago the God in different forms make Kim Soo-Hyun as the new owner of the hotel. Also, there is a rumor that the hotel name changes to Hotel Blue Moon. In season 2, we see his life story about why he ended up in this ghost house?. What is the resentment of him and How his life will change into this are the plots to see in the upcoming season if it renews?


“Hotel del Luna” Season 2: Storyline

It tells the story of a strange hotel Inn and the guest staying in Hotel del Luna. In other words, the guest house of the Moon. The hotel is not visible for humans; it is a hotel for spirits who have unfinished business they come and make their wish come true, pass on to the afterlife. The owner of the hotel is Jang Man-Wol, her soul is in a tree without liveliness because of her immense resentment in the world. All the people in the hotel are ghosts except the managers of the hotel.


Gu Chan Sung comes as the last manager of the hotel who changes the fate of Man-Wol and falls in love with her. He gets to know all the mystery and secrets of her; his job is to send a long time first guest of the hotel and Man-Wol to the afterlife without any resentment.

At last, it ends with a bittersweet moment of Man-Wol and Chan sung; he sends all the guest and her to the afterlife. But to end with a happy note, the two join in another life. Follow up with my next article, Blood & Treasure Season 2“.

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