How to unlock World Quests in World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth? Click here to know more!

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We know that Battle for Azeroth serves as the direct sequel of Legion in World of Warcraft franchise. Unlike its predecessor, the seventh expansion pack in the MMORPG series introduced some new features into the game including expanding the number of levels from 110 to 120, new dungeons, unmapped islands, new territories like Kul Tiras and Zandalar, and many more.

So, the main question which stands out the most is “What do to after reaching level 120?” 

Well, if you manage to cross the mark of level 120, then there will be endless activities for you to perform in the game. But the best among them is World Quests! That’s right! They are not like your ordinary daily quests. Many junkies have already submitted large piles of complaints about the monotonous tone of daily quests. That’s why Blizzard had no choice but to execute a perfect plan to tackle the dilemma. As a result, they initiated a whole new version of quests which was more likeable and exciting. Now, the players have an incredible opportunity to accomplish World Quests and explore the areas of Kul Tiras and Zandalar.

The World Quests component made its debut in Legion but it was better received in BfA. It enabled various gamers to earn precious rewards and bestow a powerful look to their players. Feeling goosebumps? Well, we can’t blame you for that, right?

Here’s the guide for unlocking World Quests in BfA! 

How to unlock World Quests in Battle for Azeroth?

First of all, eradicate all your doubts and concerns from your valuable little minds and concentrate on heading towards level 120. Yup, ten extra levels in comparison to Legion! You have to reach level 120 to unlock all World Quests.

Reached level 120? Good! Now, you need to find an NPC character named Halford Wyrmbane. That guy will offer a quest called Uniting Kul Tiras (for Alliance members). A scroll will be opened on the left side of your screen mentioning all the details of the quest. It will inform you about achieving the Friendly status with the main factions in Kul Tiras. A synonymous process can be conducted by a Horde player as well. Only this time, you wil encounter Uniting Zandalar quest.

Become Friendly with the factions!

Now the time has come to become Friendly with three prominent factions in the newly introduced continents – Kul Tiras and Zandalar. Now, it all hinges on whether you are a member of the Horde or the Alliance. If you belong to the Horde, then Zandalari Empire, Talanji’s Expedition, and the Voldunai are the main factions for you. Otherwise, try to reach Friendly with Proudmoore Admiralty, Storm’s Wake, and the Order of Embers as a partner of the Alliance.

A few quests will be assigned to your character and you have to finish them in every region of Kul Tiras or Zanadalar to earn Reputation with your chosen community:

As a Horde member:

Zandalari Empire – Zuldazar

Talanji’s Expedition – Nazmir

Voldunai – Vol’dun

As an Alliance member:

Proudmoore Admiralty – Tiragarde Sound

Storm’s Wake – Stormsong Valley

Order of Embers – Drustvar

Our personal experiences have guided us to the conclusion that the quests linked to the central storyline will benefit you to reach the Friendly status rapidly rather than going bonkers and roaming here and there in the BfA. Just obey all the instructions delivered to you and you will do absolutely fine.

If you are still unable to achieve all the things mentioned above, then we have World of Warcraft addons to save from the trouble!

World of Warcraft Addons

Don’t forget to visit the War Campaign!

It’s not like that you are not allowed to utilize the War Campaign story after the completion of the above-mentioned things. You can approach its quests a bit early if you want. But if you are concentrated more on finishing off the World Quests, then a quest named War of Shadows is enough to do the job.

If you manage to complete the War of Shadows quest, then leave the remaining quests of War Campaign for some time. If you are a true Horde member, then try to visit Nathanos Blightcaller (Port of Zandalar). Contrarily, try to stop by Mathias Shaw (Boralus Harbor) as a proud Alliance guy.

That’s it from our side!

Establish your friendship with the factions and witness your map getting crammed with numerous World Quests! Just grab your mouse and take the cursor to any quest to find out the reward you will reap after its culmination. Enjoy!

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