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All of us have been waiting for the new update of Instander mod of Instagram original. To all the social media lovers out there read along for the update on the new and enhanced feature list.Hope you like it!
Jun 09, 2022
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About Instander APK

Good news for all the android users. Instander mod apk + clone is launched with a new and updated feature list. Instander as we all know is the modified and free version of Instagram.It is a new and advanced version of the original application. You can download videos, photos, and IGTV videos at ease with Instander, upload high quality media, it’s completely ad free and the privacy settings are all the more enhanced.

What is Instagram Mod apk+clone?

For all those who are not aware mod apk + clone is the modified version of Instagram which means it requires the original application plus some additional features.The clone version of this is altogether an another app with a different logo and application name.The app is basically built on the base version of Instagram.Instagram is a great social media app but it does some drawbacks that are all compensated by these modified apk’s.This is not the first mod apk that has been launched.

Features of Instander 

Lets’s talk about the updated features that this mod apk provides.

  • It can display the Instagram Dp in full size
    Just long the press the DP whether private or public account the picture will display in full size. This is one the annoying features on Instagram. We are so accustomed to the social media apps like WhatsApp,Facebook we always incline towards viewing the DP but all in vain on Instagram as it never used to display the entire picture. Kudos to the developers for this one for providing us Instagram Mod i.e instander
  • Hide view stories:
    You can now hide the stories that you’ve seen using Instander the mod apk of instagram. Confused? Well ,you can view the other person stories without their knowledge. This feature is like the privacy setting in WhatsApp. When you hide your ready privacy settings you can view anyone’s WhatsApp stories without them knowing. I don’t really understand the point of adding this but yes this feature has been added in the new apk.
  • Do not read:
    Well again I would like to compare this feature with WhatsApp. Remember when the blue ticks went off and the other person was not able to see whether you could read their texts or not. The same thing has now been added to this instagram mod apk. You can hide the sender’s message. The sender will never know whether you saw their messages or not. For all those annoying people whom you don’t want to reply to,this feature is a saviour.
  • Quality Increase:
    Now update your stories with high quality photos and videos. We all kind of needed that.
  • Disable those annoying ads:
    Aren’t you just annoyed by those apps popping again and again. Now we can disable all these annoying apps. Yay!! No more scams popping up on our social media.
  • Remove the liked posts:
    Now you can remove the liked posts from your home feed.I mean anyways we have the archive option on Instagram. Sound’s a bit redundant isn’t it? So that’s okay if it has been removed in the Instander apk.
  • Download any content
    You can now download any photo or video or the IGTV videos or even the stores. No need of taking those screenshots. This is quick simple and easy. Download any content you want on Instander.
  • Video auto play enable/disable
    This is a generic feature. Now you can shuffle or not shuffle the video, it completely your choice.

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How to Download and Install Instander App?

As we have discussed all the features let’s talk about how this apk can be downloaded.

  • First the very important step is to uninstall your original app i.e Instagram . Yes this won’t work without uninstalling Instagram.
  • Go to below download link and download the Instander APK or Instagram Mod APK
  • Once downloaded it might ask to enable “unknown source apps” in your phone settings.
  • Go to your phone settings and complete step 3.
  • Once done it will download the apk and you’re all set.
  • Open the app and modify any above features that you want to.

How to Enable Dark Mode in Instander?


While this can be a great app for all the android users,still there are concerns for the app being safe or not.Most often users do believe that  the mod versions of the apps can never be trusted as these apks are not approved by the developers of the original application.This can be true in some cases but this app is totally safe reliable and do not hesitate to try out the app.To all the social media lovers out there and annoyed by the drawbacks of Instagram this is definitely the app for you.Download as soon as you can. 


Q.1)What is mod apk?

Ans: Mod stands for modified.This means that this is a modified version of Instagram.It cannot work along with Instagram.The original version needs to be uninstalled and then the apk needs to be installed 

Q.2) Is it safe to download the apk?

Ans: Yes,there are many doubts regarding the download of apk’s but this totally safe and reliable.

Q.3) Is the download free?

Ans: Yes, the download is completely free and can be downloaded from google or any other apk website.

Q.4) How many versions of the mod apk has been released?

Ans: There were various versions of the mod apk that has been released the first being version 2.0 and the last launch was in august which was version 7.0

Q.5) Can the apk and Instagram work together?

Ans: No,the apk can only be installed after the original application has been uninstalled.It is a separate application with a different logo but an enhanced version of Instagram.

Q.6) Is the apk available on both iOS and android?

Ans: No, apk can be downloaded only on the android devices.


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