Is Elf on Netflix? Where can I stream at Christmas?

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Each Christmas at, we’re confronted with the identical questions: Is Elf on TV this yr? Where can I watch Elf? Is Elf on Netflix? And we do our greatest to reply them, even when the solutions might not be what persons are hoping for.

One darkish yr, the Will Ferrell-led Christmas movie wasn’t on TV or accessible to stream at all, a very unhappy state of affairs. Fortunately, issues are far more optimistic this yr – Elf is obtainable on terrestrial UK tv and can be rented from one of many main streaming platforms. Discover out the place under…

Is Elf on TV this yr?

Sure! Elf will air on ITV at 6:10pm on Sunday 15th December. It’s additionally repeated on on Tuesday 24th at 5:15pm – that’s Christmas Eve sorted, then. You’ll even have the prospect to look at it on ITV2 on Sunday 22nd December at 5:10pm and on Christmas Day at 4:10pm. 

Is Elf on Netflix? Where else can I watch it?

Sadly, Elf isn’t on Netflix and isn’t accessible on any of the key streaming platforms without cost this yr. You can, nonetheless, hire Elf on Amazon Prime Video for £3.49.

In case you’re not a Prime subscriber, you can get a 30 day trial without cost.

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