Jennifer Garner Looks Stunning On The Set Of Her New Film ‘Yes Day’ In Her Navy Checked Suit.

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Born on April 17, 1972, Jennifer Garner is an American actress famous for many super hit films like Daredevil Draft Day, etc. She has bagged many awards for her mind-blowing acting.

She met Ben Affleck on the sets of Pearl Harbour. After establishing their friendship the pair started dating in the year 2014. Later on June 29, 2005, the got married. They led a very happy life until they got divorced in 2018. The pair have three children together.

Now coming to the question- are they still on good terms after the divorce? The answer is a straight ‘NO’. They often come into headlines because of their arguments.  They are often seen quarreling with each other even when they are out in the public with their children. This is the very same fact that makes these divorced couples to grab the headlines of many newspapers and websites.

Recently they were seen getting into a very heated argument with each other after spending the Thanksgiving holidays together. Ben was also seen throwing up his hands in the air as frustration could clearly be seen on his face. Later on, Jennifer was seen driving Ben to a remotely located hotel in Santa Barbara stopping on at Starbucks on the way.

The pair may frequently get into arguments with each other but they are very considerate when it comes to their children. Last week the pair were spotted along with Ben’s mom Christine Anne Boldt and the three children. They visited the cinema a day before Thanksgiving.

This Tuesday Jennifer was spotted on the set of her upcoming film ‘Yes Day’. This movie is an American comedy film directed by Miguel Arteta. On the set she was seen wearing Navy checked suit with a light blue scarf. She surely looked so stunning in her outfit.


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