Just Rumours Or Are They Really Dating? The Rumours Seems To Have Ignited By Jenelle Evans.

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Jenelle Evans has for sure fueled the fire. The rumors about the dating of Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry have been made more confirming as Jenelle Evans makes a step revealing about something going on in between Teen Moms 2 stars Leah Messer and Kailyn Lowry.

But before proceeding further into today’s article I would like to add that nothing is now confirmed by the couple till now. But I am also sure that as this rumor is taking a turn towards reality they will soon be coming up with an official announcement. Let’s wait until that time.  Also, keep visiting our website for any further updates regarding the same.

After spending a couple of vacations with each other their relationship status is coming into everyone’s view. This fact is also supported by the posts made by the stars themselves.

A while ago when the pair were in Costa Rica for a vacation they posted some of their phots. After taking a look at those posts anyone would easily come to the conclusion that the two are really dating. Caption on one such photo by Leah read-” My chick bad, badder than yours.”

One similar post from the vacation was also posted on Keil’s account that read ” Hot springs”.

Although once Leah declined about having any relationship with Keil now the story seems to turn the other way around. Hence, it will not be long when the fans will get the rumor confirmed by the pair itself.

Both Leah and Kailyn were quite a bit puzzled in their own relationship ups and downs with their previous partners. Kailyn Lowry has also three children with her previous partners.

About a month ago there were rumors that Leah Messer is all set to reunite with her ex-husband… So, what’s the actual deal?





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