Kipas Guys 0.43 APK Mod (Unlimited Money) Download


Download Kipas Guys APK Mod 0.43 latest version for your android device with Unlimited Money and Gems. Enjoy various mini games, create your character, customisable option also available , play to win various rewards.
Nov 26, 2022
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Overview of Kipas Guys

Kipas guys is a multiplayer battle royale game that you may find very fascinating.

In the next 500 words, I’m going to walk you through every piece of information about Kipas Guys that may draw you toward the game.

Most of the time we get bored after playing any game but that’s not the case with Kipas Guys. It is a multiplayer game that is just like Stumble Guys but it has slightly different features which make it more interesting. 

Kipas Guys have multiple levels as it is a game between you and other players where you knock them out and vice versa.

How does the Kipas Guys Mod game work?

There are many rounds in this game that are randomly divided into different levels. Each round is a mini game that has a certain number of players and a limited time.

When enough players are there for the next round, the remaining players are eliminated.

All the levels belong to one of the groups mentioned below:

  • Hunt: The reflex of the player is tested here as you will be moved to an elected position where you will have to catch objects.
  • Team: In this players need to work in a team as there will be many games that will require a team such as football, catch the flag, etc. In such games, cooperation among teammates is very necessary to score and win.
  • Races: The mission here is to reach the finish line by controlling the character. There are many obstacles the way that requires the character to jump, slide and run. The reflex of players is also tested in this. The first one to reach the finish line will be the winner.
  • Survival: This is a game of survival where players need to survive as long as possible. In some levels, players have to avoid obstacles, jump over spinning beams so they don’t fall in the water, and much more.


  • Over 120 different types of skin to change how your character looks. 
  • You can run, jump or slide when an opponent attacks you or to protect yourself from deadly obstacles
  • Customization options are also made available so that the players can customise the game according to their taste
  • Multiplayer battle royale where eliminate each other by knocking them out 
  • Colourful and 3D graphics to make sure the game’s visual is pleasing to the players.
  • Fun and chaotic mini-games will save you time and provide you with the same amount of fun. 
  • Physical comedy through characters to keep you entertained.
  • Multiple respawn


The game is pretty easy and simple once you manage to figure out the hurdles and challenges that are given in the game.

There might be a situation where the environment provided in the game would require you to use your logic, you should maintain a good and peaceful state of mind to figure out the situation.

Once you’re able to understand how the game, Kipas Guys works, you’re good to go.

So what are you waiting for? Go and download the game immediately to start your adventure.

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