Krabby POKEMON, Evolutionary method, the Stats, its location and other information mentioned in DETAIL.

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Krabby is Pokeman with a more durable outer shell that protects its small body. The upper part of the body is in Red and has the eyes and two little pikes on its head at the top. It has a light tan arm that connects to its upper body. Its lower body also tans and with two fangs overlapping its lower body. The hips are visible at the lower front of the body, and it connects to its four long thin legs. Krabby lives near the edge of the water, which may be freshwater, or it can be saltwater.

Krabby: Stats

The Stats of the Krabby are as following: The HP of the Krabby is only 30, and it is very good at the attack, and do you know the score of it? It has an impressive rating in the attack; it is 105. The defense score of the Krabby is 90. The Special attack of Krabby is a little low, and it just only 25. The exclusive defense of the Krabby is very much weak; it comes only 25.

Last but not least, the Speed of the Krabbies is plodding that you can’t even imagine! Do you know the speed of a Krabby? It’s just 30, which is very low!

Krabby: Evolving method

So, How a Krabby evolves? Well, Krabby is a water Pokemon, and it has #98 as its National index number. When it reaches level 28, it transformed into the Kingler, which is having a National Index number of #099. How to find a Krabby? It is available in different colors in different places. There are various places it locates: Lets, Go Pikachu, Lets Go Eevee, these you can find at Route 10,12,13. Sword and shield you can find at South Lake Miloch, West Lake Axwell, Giant’s Cap. Omega Rubie and Alpha Sapphire found at Route 105,106,107,108,109.

Krabby: Uses

What are the advantages of a Krabby? Krabby is beneficial, and it is one of the Greatest Pokeman with super cool moves in its pocket. It is one of the most exceptional water pokemon, and tough to defeat the Krabby. And it requires a lot of effort and skill to overcome a Krabby. Krabby wants that his owner should win. It does not allow its owner to defeat at any cost. If Krabby enters the battlefield, it makes sure that its owner should win at any cost. It is one of the pokemon, which is having a fantastic move.

Krabby: Other information

Krabby National Pokedex Number is 98. The Height of the Krabby is 0.4 m and guess the weight! It’s 6.5 Kg, which is similar to 14.3 lbs. The abilities of the Krabby are Hyper cutter and Shell Armour. It is having one of the most fabulous skills. Do you know what it is? The hidden talent is Sheer force. The local number of the Krabby is 166. What’s the catch rate of a Krabby? Yes, it’s very high! Its 225 out of which 29.4 % are with poke balls. The base friendship of the Krabby is healthy, and the base experience of a Krabby is only 65.

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