Little People, Big World reality show star Jackson Roloff is afraid of Santa Clause nearly injures his head in an attempt to run away!

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Post graduation literature student with a knack for onstage events like debates, acting, and emceeing. Drummer & graffiti artist for the past 11 years.

Little People, Big World reality show star Jackson Roloff is afraid of Santa Clause nearly injures his head in an attempt to run away! Little PeopLe, Big World is an American TV show which is based on the lives of people who are affected by dwarfism. The series revolves around six key figures of the Roloff household.

As entertaining it is, its also a plea for understanding the conditions one has to go thru because of being born differently. No one chooses to be born as a dwarf, and usually people see them as a symbol of ill omen. This kind of regressive mindset is showcased on many shows thru subt;e themes but Little People, Big World decided to keep it raw reflecting the naked truth.

Little People, Big World’s Jackson Roloff attended Santa Clause with his mother, Tori Roloff. Things did not go according to plan as Jackson was pretty intimidated by the dress Santa’s wear. He practically had a collision attempting to getaway. Celebrating the Thanksgiving weekend, The Roloff family including Tori and Zach Roloff, Lilah Roloff, and Jackson went on their experience.The Roloff family was on a household vacation to arrange their Christmas tree.

It is quite natural in child psychology to get repulsed or frightened by Jungian archetypes such as something which essentially makes us feel small or insignificant or inconsequential in front of the figure/person. Recently there was a study conducted which showed that traditional tropes like Santa Claus, Pope, Reindeer etc, strike fear in children quite often. Little people, Big World is all about discovering life from the perspective of an unknown stranger with some innate deficiency.

Tori Roloff captioned this on her picture, “BARELY survived getting our Christmas tree today. Did not dress for snow or rain. Mom couldn’t walk well in the snow. Jackson wanted nothing to do with Santa Claus and almost gave himself a concussion trying to get away. Really the only one who held it together was lilah girl (and dad). Big parenting lesson today… But we did it. Got our tree. Now to sleep the rest of the day away. Lol”


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