Lucifer star Tom Ellis teases fans that Chloe and Lucifer may get their desired happy ending!!Fans are getting hyped about upcoming season 5 !!

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Tom Ellis drops some major spoilers about season 5 of Lucifer

SEason 5 will unfortunately be the last and final season of this show!!

We will have to bid AdEiu to Lucifer and his antics!!

Lucifer is an American urban fantasy supernatural comedy drama series which revolves around the antics of Lucifer a demon from Hell who runs a successful nightclub in LA.He later gets involved with the local police and assists them in solving tricky criminal cases.

The show which starred Tom Ellis as Lucifer, Lauren German as Chloe Decker, Lesley Ann Brandt as Mazikeen, Kevin Alejandro as Dan and Rachel Harris as Linda Martin.The show is extremely popular on Netflix after Stranger Things. Its a delightful gem to find and relaxes the audiences with its humor and mystery element.

After binge watching on all four seasons fans were eagerly waiting for a season 5 and for some time with rumors going on that Lucifer season 5 was canceled fans were devastated.That’s not the case anymore as the show is being renewed for a season 5 and yes we will get to see some amazing chemistry between Chloe and Tom.

Last season in an attempt to save Chloe, Lucifer revealed his devil face and let the can out of the bag.That season also saw the return of Lucifer Ex girlfriend Oh boy!!Talk about major awkwardness!!

Lucifer and Chloe’s happiness always seems to be under the evil eye of someone or something. In season’s 4 finale after being hunted by the demons of hell Lucifer and Chloe are forced to part ways. Lucifer doesn’t want the demons to hurt the people he cares about and yet again he is scared of the good person he is becoming.Yes being the King if Hell is surely hard.

There is some good news for fans though that Ellis has dropped some spoilers and hinted that Lucifer and Chloe may find their happy ever after ending. He also stated that the session will beĀ  split into an 8- episode part so fans get a sixth season too. There will also be an episode exclusively shot in black and white set in an alternate universe.

Kelly Clarkson might also guest star in this finalĀ  season though as whom, that is yet to be revealed.The regular cast is set to return as usual.Lucifer season 5 is set to return in summer of 2020.That’s it now for now.See you in Hell!!



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