Minecraft Mods: Everything you need to know to play God

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With the coronavirus pandemic taking over the world, all of us have to stay at home. All of us have ample time on our hand, for the first time in our lives. most of us have turned to video games to fill the void in our lives. however, most games out there today are graphic intensive and feature a lot of violence. This style of gaming does not suit everyone. One of the best games out there is Minecraft. However, not all of us have the time and patience to devote to a game. Today, we discuss the various mods available to make your Minecraft gameplay experience better.

Minecraft: The Best Mods out there

Despite being one of the few open games, Minecraft’s real potential shines when we use the different mods available. Developers have come up with numerous mods that offer a better gameplay experience than ever before. Twitch has its platform, called Curse Forge Platform. This platform allows users to download the various mods that are available for Minecraft. Down below, we have mentioned some of the available mods. You have to download each mod individually.

Minecraft: Basic Mods

  • Just Enough Items (JEI): JEI if the successor of the age-old NEI (Not Enough Items) mod. This mod helps you search for the materials in the game while also giving you recipes that you can use!
  • Optifine: Tired of playing Minecraft on your slow device? Well, we have the solution for you! Optifine will assist you in making Minecraft run better on your device. HD textures, better lighting, increase in framerate are some of the perks of this mod.
  • Biomes O’Plenty: This unconventional mod adds different worlds to the Minecraft game. From coral reefs to bushland, you now have every world handed out on a plate to you!
  • Here’s What You’re Looking At (HWYLA): As the name suggests, this mod gives you information about any object in the game. When you hover over a particular item in the game, the in-built tooltip lets you know about its use and functionality! No more wondering about some unknown object in the game!

Minecraft: Unconventional Mods

  • Engineer’s Tools: The “Engineer’s Tools” provides the user with a host of tools that makes the process of mining much simpler. All tools, such as pickaxe, wood axe, shovel are molded into a single item. rather than being a conventional cheat, this mod improves the gameplay experience.
  • The Lost Cities: This mod makes the game much more interesting. As the mod suggests, the game will transport you into a city where no one else exists. With buildings broken, it does really look like a ghost town. If you do have time, this mod will truly suit you. You have many new towns and cities to explore!
  • Botania: As compared to the other mods on our list, Botania definitely stands out. Botania adds flowers in the game. You may wonder as to why we put this mod on our list. Well, these flowers heal you, feed your cattle and have loads of added functionality. The flowers even manage to build a portal that transports you to a world filled with elves!
  • Instant Massive Structures: Tired of building a structure brick by brick? Well, this cheat is certainly meant for you! All you need to do is click on the block, and bam, a building appears out of nowhere. This mod is not limited to buildings. You can build anything from stations to castles.
  • Iron Chests: Storage always turns out to be an issue while playing the game, right? Well, not anymore! Iron chests help you upgrade the default wooden counterparts to accommodate more stuff. This mod makes the beginning part of the game a breeze.

Minecraft: Mod APK Permissions

Android devices do not allow you to tamper them with them easily. When you want to download the file, the device requires you to give permissions to it. You must be thinking that it’s just a game; it wouldn’t cause much harm to the device. Well, that is not the case. Don’t worry; we have discussed the steps to grant your device permission successfully. The first step is clicking on the Security option on your device. You can find the option under the Settings icon on your device.

Moreover, the next step is searching for the Unknown Sources option. Your device will require you to read a given set of permissions. Once you do finish reading them, click on the Allow button. Doing so will let your device trust various apps, even if they are from unknown sources. Now you have unlimited access to the Minecraft Mod APK!

Minecraft: Trailer

Despite Minecraft’s immense popularity, many of you might not have heard of the game before. Mojang Studios did release their trailer nine years back, which offers a lot of insight into the gameplay. Here is the trailer in all of its glory!

That is all for today! Don’t worry; we will keep you posted with updates. Until then, continue reading with us!

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