Not Long After the Flirting Rumours, Tyler Cameron and Stassie Karanikolaou seen Hanging Out Together! Read to Know More About the Pair

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The 25th of November witnessed a wonderful reunion of Tyler Cameron, Stassie Karanikolaou, Kendall Jenner at the Rams game.

Everyone is surprised to see Tyler Cameron hanging out with Kendall Jenner! This is because the star is continuing hanging out with Kendall even after his breakup with Gigi Hadid, whose closest friends include Kendall. Tyler and Gigi broke up earlier this year.

On November 25, Tyler and Kendall were seen together on the game of Los Angeles Rams vs. Baltimore Ravens. They were joined by the fellow Bachelor Nation stars, which included Stassie Karanikolaou, Peter Weber and Dylan Barbour among many more.

The most interesting part of the hang out is, it is not more than three days after there were rumours of the stars Tyler and Stassie getting flirty with each other during a night out in West Hollywood. Hence, some romantic rumours were expected of this outing too!

However, to the disappointment of the entertainment-seeking public, no PDA was shown in this outing unlike the last one. As reported previously, regarding the previous outing of the pair in the Los Angeles Clippers game , followed by hitting the Hyde Club, the two stars did show some obvious PDA last time. Tyler was holding Stassie and the two were whispering and talking to each other the entire night. This was followed by Tyler kissing Stassie on neck and cheek, in public.

This time even if there was no PDA, they both were in the same group. And, in one picture, Tyler could not help taking his eyes off from the very beautiful Stassie, while the latter was greeting the other members in the crew.

Later on, Tyler went to the Poppy Nightclub where he was witnessed with Kylie Jenner amongst others in a photograph. Though Stassie was not spotted on the photographs, it is very likely that she could be one of the friends who joined them later.

Tyler was seen heartbroken by Hannah Brown on the show, ‘The Bachelorette’. But, soon after the finale in July, he was witnessed hanging out with Gigi Hadid in New York City. This was followed by two months of inseparable bond between the two until their relationship stated coming to an end in the beginning of October.

Everyone is waiting eagerly and is extremely curious & excited to see the two stars, Tyler and Stassie together.

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