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The ultimate game of hide ‘n’ seek is about to begin!
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Nov 22, 2022
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We believe that all of you have played the game of ‘hide and seek’ in your childhood. It was not only our perfect time pass routine but it also managed to create some unforgettable memories of our childhood. We used to play this game with so many friends. Now, we all have grown up and this game has been washed away from our minds. Now, we are busy with our jobs or other daily life works. We present Object Hunt MOD APK in this article.

You all must have witnessed many children playing ‘hide and seek’ in their houses or in their neighbourhood areas. It gives us immense pleasure to see them playing this game without any worries but it also sparks a bit of jealousy, right? Sometimes, our daily life routine or problems simply don’t allow us to enjoy this game anymore. Which is why we have decided to bring all the fun and excitement of ‘hide and seek’ for all of you on your devices. Yes, we are talking about Object Hunt MOD APK!

Object Hunt MOD Gameplay


The gameplay of Object Hunt MOD APK is quite easy to understand. We can say that it is mostly based on the traditional version of ‘hide and seek’ but it also has some unique twists of its own. Multiple players can participate where the hunters will indeed get selected randomly in the game. After the selection of hunter, the other players become the hiders. The ultimate goal of a hunter is to find all the hiders in the game while the hiders have no alternative but to disguise themselves as various objects. Yes, you read that right! We can hide ourselves in the form of various objects like lamps, drawers, chairs, and others.

If the hiders come in contact with or near the hunter, then some red-coloured arrows will automatically reveal your exact location. Remember, this feature only works when the hunter is near you. Otherwise, you are completely safe. The person who ends up winning the round gets various rewards at the end. The original version of the game contains several types of advertisements in it. So, we can watch them as well to get our hands on some exciting and crucial prizes. However, they do nothing but to waste our time and also manage to break our concentration.

Coins are the primary in-game currency in Object Hunt MOD APK. The players can collect coins and spend them to get various features in the game. Numerous tools can be bought like more time, changing your speed, and so on.

Object Hunt MOD Features


Unlimited Coins

We have already discussed the importance of gold coins in the paragraphs mentioned above. The original version of the game doesn’t provide unlimited coins to all the players. They have to win the games to earn them. However, our mod apk file bestows an infinite amount of gold coins to all the players so that they can buy anything in the game.

Take any form

We don’t have to hide ourselves as persons. We can also take up the forms of any in-game object like drawers, tables, chairs, and so on. This feature helps in increasing the levels of excitement and suspense in the game. It certainly spices up everything!

Unlocked skins

All the clothing or object skins have been unlocked in the mod apk version. You don’t have to spend your in-game currency to buy all these items. Just use our mod apk file and get these features for free!

Additionally, all the hunter skins have been unlocked as well! You can put any hunter skin on you to create chaos and fear among the hiders.

Easy controls and user interface

The controls are the most important thing of any game. If they are complicated, then that game gets rejected automatically by the gaming community. But that’s not the case here! The developers have done a splendid job in delivering very simple and easy to learn controls for all the players. Most of them include swiping your device’s screen. You may have to tap the screen for the execution of some special features in the game.

Furthermore, the user interface is also quite good and interactive. It quickly connects the players with the game. The newcomers will not face any kind of difficulty while playing this game.

Object Hunt MOD APK Installation Guide

  • Object Hunt MOD APK gets downloaded from the below download link that you have to click
  • Now you will be redirected to our telegram channel, so download the apk from the link present
  • You’ll install Object Hunt MOD APK by allowing unknown source and then open the file.
  • Once done downloading and installing the APK you can enjoy its features for free!


Object Hunt MOD APK serves as an excellent platform to deliver the proper ‘hide and seek’ experience to all the players. It certainly gives us a chance of enjoying and reliving our childhood again. Plus, it also gives a unique turn on the traditional version of this game. Furthermore, the mod apk file also gives various unlocked and unlimited features to us. Download it now!


Q. Is Object Hunt MOD APK free?

Ans. Yes, this apk file is completely free to use.

Q. Do we have to worry about the safety issues in this Object Hunt MOD APK?

Ans. Nope! All security threats have been removed from our mod apk file.

Q. Does Object Hunt MOD APK have the unlimited money mod feature?

Ans. Yes, it will provide an infinite amount of money to all the players in the game.

What's new

+ Bug fixes and improvements to keep you hiding

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