Overlord Season 4 Releasing Latest Episodes in 2021?

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Japan has not only the potential of developing high-quality manga but also is famous for its animes. A coming of a new anime also excites fan-fanatics. There is also a long period before the release of another season in the anime. However, many also began worrying about the cancellations after certain amount of passing of time since its last release. Overlord, at present, is one such anime whose potentiality of coming back is continuously being demanded by fans. 

Overlord series features characters such as Wish III, Momonga, Ancient One, etc., as the leading character. Now, let’s get acquainted with season four of the fantasy series and if it is ever making a return or not. 

Development and Release Date: Overlord Season 4

Overlord’s original home is Japan’s networks, including AT-X, MBS, Tokyo MX, TV Aichi, Sun TV, and KBS. The series saw its debut way back before five years in July of 2015. There is no official revival of the show for the news season yet. However, the series’s scriptwriter indicated the fourth season during the AnimagiC convention, held in 2019. But, this is the only piece of hints known about the series. Other than that, until now, there is no revival or release date as of yet. 

Characters: Overlord Season 4

It is pretty challenging to say about casts or characters when a revival did not take place yet. However, all the central characters on whom the anime relies will definitely return for the upcoming season. There is no new information about any official casts of the series. However, there is a rumour about the appearance of new members in the new season. Overlord portrays many characters belonging to different categories. Some of them included are Wish III, Momonga, Ancient One, Flatfoot, Touch Me, Warrior Takemikazuchi, Herohero, etc. among many others. 

Plotline: Overlord Season 4

The whole series occurs inside a gaming world, so the fourth season will likely feature the same. Moreover, the show closely follows the manga and completed covering up to volume three for three seasons. Hence, the rest of the volumes is still there for covering, and it will likewise follow up from the tenth to twelfth season. The revival of the show must take place for it to happen according to plans. Moreover, the anime will also come back with conflicts, challenges, and problems keeping the eyes of the viewers glued to the screens.

Storyline: Overlord Season 4

Gamers will significantly enjoy the Re: Zero series as the world it takes place is in gaming’s fantasy world. Momonga is the main character of the series, which somehow goes inside the game and cannot make out to the real world. The rest of the anime series is all about Momonga making friends and allies. It features how he began building his empire in the virtual world to find more potentiality in the game. Now, the real question will the virtual make Momonga harsher, or can he maintain his original character? 

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Trailer: Overlord Season 4

Although there is no official trailer or teaser of any kind for season four,  one may check out the below video to know more about the fourth season.

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