Ozark Season 3: Check Out to Know What Does the Third Season of the Netflix Series has in Store For You?

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The audience is very excited to know the Byrde family’s future in the enxt season!

In Ozark season 2, the major characters of the show, Marty and Wendy went down the spiral of drama, which is going to continue gracefully if the actor of the show, Jason Bateman continues directing the show as ever.

When can We Watch the Next Season?

Although Jason has confirmed that the series will witness third season, the dates for the release are not out yet. The confirmation was made through Twitter where Jason said that He is happy for himself but sad for Marty, Ozark season 3 is on its way! The first season appeared on Netflix in June 2018, while the second one appeared as early as in August 2018.

However, the third season is not expect to release on Netflix before early 2020 because the production of this season started as late as in March 2019. Additionally, it has also been confirmed by Jason that the next season will be having ten episodes.


The entire Byrde family will undoubtedly be seen on the screen, including Jason Bateman and Laura Linney. Additionally, the show will witness many new characters being introduced in this season. One of the new characters is Erin Helen’s teenage daughter, who will be played by Madison Thompson. So, the audience will see some mother-daughter bonding on-screen. Let’s see how the bonding goes!

Some Marvel actors will also be seen in the third season! Jessica Frances Dukes and Tom Pelphrey will be seen in the crime drama on Netflix.

Not only actor and director, Jason also serves the role of executive producer on the set. And it is obviously assured that till Jason is in the show, the show will be assured of its quality.

Story Plot

There are a number of things going on in the crime drama show.

The second season ended with the launch of Marty’s giant casino boat. There is a Mexican drug cartel which is going to be laundered for hundreds of millions in the boat itself. So, it is expected that much of the third season’s introductory scenes will be located in the casino boat.

Simultaneously, Cade Langmore’s murder case has to be solved, which is not that easy because there is a bunch of suspects! It is also anticipated that the next season will witness women empowerment.

Waiting for Ozark Season 3!

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