Limitless Season 2: Release Date, When will the show return?

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“Limitless Season 2 “, has been one of the TV series which was very much awaited for. The fans and audiences of “Limitless” have been in a continuous wait for a really long time. “Limitless” has been a TV series based on the same-named 2011 film. This had been broadcasted on CBS in the U.S.

Release Date: “Limitless Season 2”

Even though the fans and viewers of the series “Limitless”, we’re keeping hope and waiting for it to be renewed and to get released as a Season 2. After reviewing “Limitless”, has not been approved for the next season. “Limitless Season 2” had already been shopped around before the actual cancelation of this series. The creators took it to shop on both Netflix and Amazon hoping that they might pick that up, but it found no takers. Also, Season 2 seems rather questionable, when Netflix and other networks have long since passed on it.

Cast: “Limitless Season 2”

The cast and character of the show “Limitless” consists of Jake McDorman(Brian Finch) as the main character or the lead role, Jennifer Carpenter (Rebecca Harris) as an FBI Special Agent. Some of the other important roles and the characters in the “Limitless” being Hill Harper (Spelman Boyle) as FBI Special Agent, named for Spelman College.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio  (Nasreen “Naz” Pouran) as the FBI Special Agent in Charge, being of Iranian origin, commander at the Cross-Jurisdictional Command (CJC) team.

Plot: “Limitless Season 2”

Essentially, Unlimited took the literally mind-altering idea and turned it into a procedural one, which was surely not the most imaginative direction to go in. “Limitless Season 2” should have seen the public losing the product of the NZT and Morra, this would have changed the entire dynamic in the long run. That said, obviously, the crux of “Limitless Season 2” would have featured Finch in solving crimes, so it would not have been a major shake-up. Morra also declared his presidential candidacy, which was no doubt a significant sub-plot.

Storyline: “Limitless Season 2”

The “Limitless” series is based on a film by the same name as “Limitless,” and is a fast-paced thriller about Brian Finch, who does discover the brain-boosting power of the mysterious drug NZT and is forced by the FBI to use its extraordinary cognitive ability to solve challenging cases for them.

Operating closely with Brian in broad crime squad at New York City is Special Agent Rebecca Harris, a formidable investigator with a dark past and Special Agent Boyle, being a former Rebecca military officer and confidant. As a Special Agent in charge, we report Nasreen “Naz” Pouran, who is a canny manipulator of the rein of authority.

Unknown to  FBI, Brian had maintained a hidden relationship with Senator Edward Mora, who is a confident and a  regular NZT presidential user who has ambitions for his own new protege.

Now powered by a strongly established NZT supply which lets him in using  100 percent of his brainpower, Brian is more effective compared to all the FBI agents combined, which helps in making him the worst suspect ever possible and the greatest asset ever possessed by the Bureau.

Updates: “Limitless Season 2”

It might sound sad to the viewers and fans of this series that is “LImitless”, but is true, that the “Limitless Season 2” is officially canceled. For content like this and more updates on related matters stay connected with us.

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