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PUBG is here and has brought many modifications to the way that the game operates. The most recent feature is the capability to carry survivors even when they're wounded condition. There's been couple of updates to Taego which include new items of cover as well as enhancements to the way the terrain is designed.
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If you’ve been killed by someone who seems to track your movements through walls, shoot individuals from miles away and doesn’t recoil their guns, it’s likely you’ve met an the PUBG Mobile hacker. Its popularity PUBG Mobile Hack, coupled with its accessibility as a game that is free to play for the iOS as well as Android devices is a perfect attack for hackers and cheaters.

While Tencent is developer of the PUBG Mobile’s developer, has taken steps to deter cheaters from destroying the game and introducing new hacks, new hacks are being created to circumvent the cheating system. The problem is so bad that Chinese security forces have come in to prevent people from selling hacks. If the anti-cheat system is able to detect hacks being used it is possible to be banned from playing for up to 10 years.

Here you will get working PUBG Mobile Hack along with Mod APK, ESP Hack, Mod OBB and many other hacks related to PUBG Mobile. If you are BGMI user then you should try BGMI Hack. Please note that all the hacks on our website is updated regularly time to time. So if one hack stop working then do visit our page again for new latest working PUBG Mobile Hack.

Visitors please note that we provide Premium/Paid PUBG Hack for free. If you keep on supporting us then only we can able to continue providing premium hacks free for you. So it is my our request please support us by visiting and sharing our content to your friends.

PUBG Mobile Hack Mod APK

PUBG Mobile Hack is one of the most downloaded and played game since last 2 years. PUBG Mobile is all about online multiplayer combat game in which the last one standing wins with the title Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. So why it is loved by people many of you are thinking here is the answer that it is loved by people because of its realistic graphics and smooth game play . But this is not the topic of today the main topic of today is about PUBG Hack Mod APK. So here we are bringing you 100% safe and we are taking guarantee that your id will not get ban if you use this pubg mod obb that we are providing. No third party ban, no need to root your device, no esp or virtual. It is working directly without using any third party applications.

What is PUBG Hack?


This PUBG Hack that we are providing is 100% safe to use. We are providing you the mod obb file for PUBG Mobile in which you can use your original ID even I am using and reached Ace star 9 and soon will reach conqueror. You don’t need to install any third party application like virtual or esp or any third party which can be detected by PUBG and your account got banned. This pubg mobile mod obb is available for Korean and Global Version. So if you use Korea version of pubg mobile then you can download korea version obb and if you are global version player then download obb of Global Pubg Mobile.

Does PUBG Mobile Hack Really exist?

Of course! We have them! PUBG hacks are totally undetected and therefore pose no threat for your accounts. If you’re used to cheating and other methods, this shouldn’t be a large surprise for you. The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the latest version of shooter games that should be looked at, and is superior to the previous batch (some may disagree however, it’s definitely more recent!). It’s a game for free so there will be many people playing. You can also customize your avatar and track your survival stats. The gameplay itself is fantastic and lets you live your life as your character. If you’re battling many people at the same time it’s sure to be a bloody battle

This is why the number of exploits are numerous, however the best ones will be difficult to manage. Similar to many other games it was originally an ARMA modification. However, its popularity enjoying led it to be an independent game. The game isn’t that are this entertaining, for sure! Take a look at the highlights of our hack for PUBG below.

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Some Information Regarding PUBG Mod APK Hack (Paid Hack)

The latest PUBG Mod APK (All in One Hack) contains all the hack in the APK. Just download and install the APK in your Android device and enjoy ESP Hack, Unlimited Health, Aimbot and many more hack without letting your ID getting banned by PUBG Team. So just download the APK provided in this article and then you do not have to do. Just launch the APK and enjoy the hack. No need to install any other virtual or ESP Hack.

Pros of latest PUBG Mobile Hack Method

  • No need to install any third apps like virtual or ESP
  • No VPN required
  • No Need to open the using any third party
  • less chances of getting banned by PUBG Team
  • Direct access of hack
  • All hacks are inbuilt including ESP
  • Its just a mod APK

Whats’s new in PUBG Hack 2022 [VIP Mod Cracked APK] :

  • Bullet Track (Latest)
  • VIP Hack [Cracked]
  • Paid Hack
  • Fixed Banning Issue
  • Hack 100% Working without any problem
  • All hacks are working
  • All in One built Hacks
  • With Full Video Tutorial so no problem of how to download install the hack successfully

Features of PUBG Mobile Hack Mod APK

bgmi hack

Bullet Track – PUBG Mobile Latest Hack

Bullet Track is the latest hack in which when you activate this PUBG Hack you will be able to track down your enemy who is behind to you. You can take him down without turning towards him.

No Recoil – PUBG Hack

No recoil means zero recoil you can shoot large distance enemies very easily using your AR gun because of zero recoil in your gun. This hack claims 0% recoil and yes it is true because I have played and I found zero in my gun even in AKM. But for safety reason don’t shoot large distance enemies with AKM otherwise they will report you ID for sure because as we all know spraying with akm for long distance is not easy for all and it have a very high recoil.

Unlimited UC – PUBG Hack (Working)

Download the PUBG Mod APK Hack from the download link provided and enjoy Unlimited UC in your PUBG account. UC are the in game currency of PUBG Mobile using which you can have create opening so that you can have more premium outfits, gun skins, vehicle skins, Royal Pass and many more.

No Grass – PUBG Hack Unlimited UC

This mod of PUBG Mobile hack does not have any grass, so this can be useful in the last zone or in the grassy where where enemies prone. I like this hack a lot and I think everyone who hates snakes like this pubg hack because snake are more dangerous than camper they surprisingly attack you and will end you. So say no to snakes now they can not hide in grasses after using this pubg mobile hack.

Remove Fog – PUBG Hack Mod APK

The fog from the game is removed in this PUBG Mobile Hack. Ofcourse you might be irritated of fog while taking long distance fight with your enemy and you are unable to see your enemy location because of this irritating fog. So the fog is removed by the developer who modded the obb of PUBG Mobile Hack.

No Rain and thunder sound – PUBG Hack Mod APK

The developer also removed rain and thunder sound because of these effects taking close range fights were difficult and these sound are annoying to me so this is removed by the developer in this mod of PUBG Mobile Hack.

Black Sky – PUBG Hack APK

The default sky color of this PUBG Mobile hack is black which you can see in the above screenshots. This looks good to me and tell weather you like this color of sky or not.

FPS Increased to 120 – PUBG Mod APK Hack

The FPS of the game in this PUBG Mobile Hack is increased to 120 but you can not see in the setting but you can feel it while playing the game. The FPS matters a lot while taking fight so if your fps is high then it means you can easily defeat your enemy.

Anti-Cheats System Removed – PUBG Hack 2022

The developer have removed anti cheats system from the PUBG Mobile Game but don’t use any external hack over this PUBG Mobile hack because your ID might get banned otherwise if you don’t use any other external hacks then your ID will not get banned for sure, even I am playing with my original ID.

No Camera Shake Problem – PUBG Hack

There is not camera shake problem at all in this PUBG Mobile Hack 2022.

No Footsteps to enemy – PUBG Mobile Hack

There will be no foot steps signs will be shown to your enemy, so enemy will be confused and you can surprise your enemy and kill them.

No Ban – PUBG Mod APK Hack:

There is only 10% chance of getting ban and 90% chances of not getting ban. Most importantly it depends on you that how you play the game if you play like a hacker then I am 100% sure that your account will get ban but if you are having mind and don’t like hacker and act like a normal pro player then your account will not get ban of using this PUBG mod APK.

PUBG ESP Hack – PUBG Mobile Hack Mod APK

bgmi hack

The ESP hack that we provide is inbuilt in the PUBG Mod APK so you do not have to download any other third party apps in order to have PUBG ESP Hack. There are various advantages, features of PUBG ESP Hack that are discussed below.

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Features of PUBG ESP Hack Mod APK 2022 (Paid for Free)

  • ESP
  • Logo Bypass
  • Bullet Track
  • Line
  • Box
  • Distance
  • Enemy Name
  • Health
  • Gun Name
  • Gun Location
  • Enemy Distance
  • Enemy Count
  • Bot Count
  • 360 Degree
  • Head

Advantages of PUBG ESP Hack 2022

  • You don’t have to use earphones while playing the game.
  • You will be able count number of nearby enemies.
  • You can easily take down campers who are so much annoying.
  • Say no to Snakes while using PUBG ESP Hack.
  • More chances of getting Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.
  • Easy to Push your Rank up.
  • You can survive in the game easily using PUBG ESP Hack.

How to Download and Install PUBG Mobile Hack Mod APK 2022 in your Device?

Follow the below instructions to install PUBG Hack in your device :

  • First of all download PUBG MOD APK from the download link provided
  • Now Download PUBG OBB File from the download link provided
  • Now Install PUBG Mod APK in your android device
  • Now copy and paste obb file in location Android>data>obb>com.tencent.ig
  • Now open PUBG Mod APK and enjoy the hack


In the event that developers found you cheating with PUBG Mobile cheating There is no way to stay out of being banned. In the event that your friend has been compromised your account, without you being aware, Tencent won’t consider unbanning your account. If Tencent has evidence to prove that the account of a user has cheated, the bans are not reversible.

There’s a belief that players who have invested hundreds of dollars on games can’t be banned for cheating however, that’s not the scenario. Tencent has been known to ban players previously for cheating because they have a zero-tolerance policy against hacking.

Frequently Asked Questions – PUBG Mobile Hack Mod APK:

Q. Will my account get banned if I use PUBG Hack ?

Ans. You might get banned because of third party application, but if you use it normally and do not kill too many enemies and don’t pretend like hacker then your account will not get banned. 🙂

Q. will any chances of getting banned of using PUBG Mod OBB Hack File ?

Ans. Till now no body in my list got banned of using this so there is no chance of getting banned of using this PUBG Mobile hack.

Q. Is this Hack available for both Global Version and Korea Version of PUBG Mobile?

Ans. Yes, this PUBG Mobile Hack is available for both Global Version and Korea Version of PUBG Mobile but you have to download separate modded OBB files for both the versions.

Q. Can I use any third party ESP Hacks on this PUBG Mobile Hack ?

Ans. If you are asking to me then my answer will always be no but if you want to try any other external esp hack over this pubg mobile hack then you can try it but at your own risk and I recommend you should try this with new guest ID.

Q. If I am BGMI user then can I use this PUBG Hack?

Ans: If you want use hack in BGMI apk then download BGMI Hack from here.


So this was article about PUBG Mobile Hack. All the features, advantages, pros & cons, How to download and Install PUBG Hack in your device all are described in this article. If you still face any problem regarding PUBG Hack then you can comment below.


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