Rematch between Artem Lobov and Jason Knight at Saturday’s BKFC. Check out for details of the match.

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The Brazilian jiu-jitsu martial arts fighter Artem Lobov and Jason Knight has a rip off at BKFC event on Saturday in Biloxi, Mississippi at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. For those who don’t know Lobov is a World Champion in Brazilian jiu-jitsu on 31st January 2015 at the ACB 13 where he won the fight by compliance in the second round. Whereas even Knight is a proud owner of a Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, both of them have a mastery over the manifestation of this unique style of martial arts.

Both of them were prior to a part of the Ultimate Fighting Championship ((UFC), the event was actually a rematch for what happened in April with Lobov winning the match with an undisputed decision and so on Saturday’s BKFC the match was fought again to set the right terms.
There were in total five rounds fought between Lobov and Knight. In the Round One Knight makes the first move on Lobov who is looking for a save. Lobov succeeds in having a counter back and is able to hold far of Knight’s moves. Lobov has got some power moves which makes Knight use head movements to avoid the impact of Lobov. The time is ticking and the pace of Round One builds up in the last 20 seconds where Knight wins by 10 and Lobov 9.

In Round Two Lobov makes the first move by directly attacking the body. Lobov gets hit on the face and this buys time for Knight to build his strength again whereas Lobov is soothing his face. In time again Knight again makes a move which drops a knee for Lobov. Lobov seems alright and resumes soon after a count. Again Knight scores over Lobov with the same core as Round One which is now in total of Knight 20- Lobov 18.
In Round Three Lobov turns more aggressive now which as an effect of the scores as Knight gets some punches in the final seconds and thus Round Three is won by Lobov 10 and Knight 9. The overall score for now is Knight 29 and Lobov 28.

With Knight on lead with one point the Round Four begins by Knight playing tactfully. Lobov punches two to three times on a progressing Knight. Knight does not show much performance in this round which is why the score for Round Four is Lobov 10 and Knight 9. Total of Round Four is 38-38. The final round turns out to be interesting as there is a tie between the players.
With a solid punch landing on Lobov by Knight e just drops to the ground and the winner of the match is no doubt Jason Knight who has masterfully using his techniques defeated Artem Lobov within 29 seconds of Round Five. A total win-win for Knight here.

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