‘Re: Zero’ Season 3: Release Confirmed? Will It Return? Cast, Plot Updates

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Isekai anime hardly become famous that too nowadays with the introduction of various exciting animes. There are rarest of rare among Isekai anime that gets popular. Re: Zero is one such Isekai anime that garnered the viewer’s attention. Interestingly, it is also making a comeback after its initial release from four years back. Even though it was only recently that one season aired, anime fans are already getting desperate and asking for more.

Re: Zero features characters such as Subaru Natsuki, Emilia, etc. in the leading role. Now, let’s see all the anime’s future if it is either coming back soon or will retake four years to come back.

Renewal Status and Release Date: Re: Zero Season 3

Initially home to the network of TV Tokyo, AT-X, TVO, and TVA, anime Re: Zero found its way to the world of anime in April 2016. Surprisingly, the anime made a return for its season two this year. However, there is no revival news or any updates concerning season three of RE: Zero. Before, the second part of season two is also ready to take place in the year 2021. Audiences may expect season three after the full completion of season two. The date of discharge for season three is a long way for coming back.

Characters: Re: Zero Season 3

Re: Zero features many characters in different categories. The main categories included are Kingdom Lugncia, Kararagi, Witches of Sins, Vollachia Empire, Witch Cult, and Gusteko. Some of the main characters featured in the show are Emilia, Ryuzu, Subaru, Meili, Puck, Clind, Roswaal, Annerose, Ram, Petra, Rem, Garfiel, Beatrice, Frederica, Otto, Patrasche, etc., among many others. The voice-over characters for both the Japanese version and the English dub is different. The appearance of new characters may also take place for the new season.

Plotline: Re: Zero Season 3

One cannot determine the plotline for season three of Re: Zero with no revival. The series second season is also not fully completed. Expectations can only take place when a finale leaves such plenty of room for forming more stories. But, since the story follows the manga, the other season will continue doing the same as long as the manga is running. Obviously, time-travel and adventures will be there as it is an isekai anime. Until then, viewers can read the original manga for knowing more details about the plotline of the future seasons. 

Possibility: Re: Zero Season 3

Although there are no updates about the happening of season three, the possibility for it to take place is very high. Recently, the producer in an interview with Crunchyroll said that everyone would be asking for another season after finishing the watching of season two and he is very much sure about it. Re: Zero has got positive reviews and responses from everyone so far. An anime also returns depending on how it has fared in its previous seasons. So Re: Zero making a come back for the third season has more priority and higher chances. Even the creators are confident about it. 

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Trailer: Re: Zero Season 3

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