Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 2 Recap: Check out its review with the explained ending!

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Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty serves as a wild combo of nonsensical plot points, burning sarcasm, awesome humour, and weird characters. Additionally, it is so different from traditional sitcoms. The creative duo of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon always brings “out of the box” thinking materials to the table. They may look silly at first, but we end up liking them in the end.

Furthermore, the show doesn’t really continue the storylines from the previously telecasted episodes. With a show like this, it is impossible to predict the plot of the next episode. And don’t get us started on the characters of this animated sitcom! Yes, there are times when they don’t make any sense. Still, every character that has appeared in the show has given something unique to the sitcom. 

More than eight years have passed since the sitcom made its debut. A lot of things have changed after that. But there is one particular thing that hasn’t changed yet. We are talking about the anti-serialisation approach of the makers. The first two episodes of the recently released Season 5 have proved it as well. It’s not like staying away from serialising the series is a horrible thing. Of course, it gives the makers complete freedom to do whatever the hell they want. This approach doesn’t limit their imagination and helps them to be more creative at their work. 

Do you think that the makers should think about serialising the series? Wait! How about you shift your precious concentration towards the review of the second episode of Season 5? Let’s do this! 

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 2: A quick recap!

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The title of the second episode is Mortyplicity. Do you know that the makers considered making this one the premiere episode of Season 5? This is what Roiland said in his latest interview with Collider: 

“Episode 2 is fucking insane in the best way. It’s really a classic, over-the-top, Rick and Morty brain-melting episode. In a good way.”

The episode commences with the leading duo having a nice dinner with Jerry and Summer. Shockingly, all of them get slaughtered by some alien squid assassins. Later, the storyline revealed that they were decoys instead of the original characters. 

The real Rick receives an alert about this incident. But it turns out that he was also a decoy. This causes a chain reaction in which all the decoy Smith families kill each other. Another decoy Smith family discovers that these alien squids want to finish off every decoy version of the family. 

Meanwhile, a Smith family gets abducted by some mutilated decoys. These decoys plan to harvest the skins of the former ones. At another place, a small team of decoys rises but gets destroyed by squids. 

In the midst of all this chaos, a decoy Smith family sends its locations to other decoys. Soon, most of the decoys end up eradicating themselves. The final moments of the episode display the real Smith family members enjoying their time with Space Beth. Yes, they also get alerted about the deaths of the decoys. 

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 2: Review

rick and morty

Here’s the thing! This episode was mad and exciting as hell. The opening sequence is enough to attract the attention of the viewers. Did Episode 2 perform better as compared to the first one? Well, we don’t think that it topped the latter in terms of storyline and unpredictability. The ending becomes predictable as we approach its climax. After all, we can’t imagine this sitcom without its leading characters. Now, don’t say that the anti-serialisation method would have brought all the characters back. We believe it is better to leave this point here. 

As we were saying, this episode looked weirder and more enjoyable than the last one. We can’t deny that. However, the predictable conclusion of the episode spreads water on all the events that preceded it. Still, it was entertaining! 

What do we know about the next episode?

The third episode of Season 5 is titled “A Rickconvenient Mort”. It will drop on July 4. Mark your calendars! 

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