Schitt’s Creek Season 7 Release Date & Everything We Know

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Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, the father son-duo, introduced the audiences to a new unique comedy and fun satire, Schitt’s Creek. The series entirely became a hit one due to is situational and bizarre comedy when Netflix became the home for the show. CBC and Pop TV are the original homes of the series that came in the year 2015. 

Schitt’s Creek features some famous cast such as Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, Eugene Levy, etc. in the leading role. Now, all the viewers want to know is about the potentiality of another season since the sixth season’s airing. Let’s get acquainted with the details and future of another season of the show.

Renewal and Release Date: Schitt’s Creek Season 7

There is big disappointing news for the viewers that season seven is not on the showrunners list. Season six was the last and final season of the show. The primary plan of the showrunners was to make only the fifth season. However, the CBC network extended the show to run for another two seasons when the fourth was going on. Finally, the series met its end with the premiering of the sixth season from January to April of 2020. Hence, there is no delivery date for season seven, as it is not taking place.

Cast: Schitt’s Creek Season 7

If season seven ever makes a return, then the family on whom the whole show made will make a come back as the leading cast. It includes Eugene Levy, Annie Murphy, Catherine O’Hara, and Dan Levy in the role of Johnny Rose, Alexis Rose, Moira Rose, and David Rose. Other characters that may include are Roland Schitt, Jocelyn Schitt, and Emily Hampshire. There may also be the inclusion of new faces if the comedy satire ever thinks of making a come back.


Plotline: Schitt’s Creek Season 7

The finale of season six gave a befitting and justifying end to the series. Everyone realizes that money is not above love. However, there may be exploring completely new plotlines if the show in the first place is ever returning. Not many details can get mentioned in which the series ended with a good note leaving nothing more for making assumptions. However, one can indeed say that the fun, comedy, and the humor returning with the coming back of the series. Now, all viewers can expect or demand for another season to take place soon. 

Creators Statement: Schitt’s Creek Season 7

The creators of the show were the due father-son also featured as the leading cast in the series. They thanked everyone for making the show a successful one. They released their statement last year even before the arrival of the season six. As planned, the creators ended the show with the sixth season as they do not want to comprise the story and quality of the series. They did not want to take further and risk anything. Besides, they gave the show the ending it deserved. The main casts also have their schedules planned for the future. So, if anyone misses them, they can check out their other shows. 

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Trailer: Schitt’s Creek Season 7

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