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Score Hero  Mod APK with which you will get to access all the unlocked paid features for absolutely free of cost. In this article we will be telling you everything about Mod APK including the downloading steps and other features. So let’s get started with it!

Introduction of Score Hero  Mod APK

Score Hero  Mod APK (Unlimited Money) :Hey, guys, if you love football and exciting goals, you must have played some football games on your device. Most people love to play football games. If you are also one of those people, you must play score hero mod apk. You will act as a hero of your own game. This game is a little bit different from other football scoring games you may have played. The participation approach in this game is different from others. You have to make decisions in critical situations whether you play all of the events or pass only a certain amount of levels to go up front.

First touch games develop the games, and the game indeed is one of its kind. This game’s main aim is to increase the accuracy of players while shooting and in the future. The difficulty level of the game increases one by one. As you level up, your skills also increase with the difficulty of levels. You can perform shooting skills while scoring goals. While completing levels, you’ll need to upgrade your character, buy new shoes. If you want to change the appearance of your personality, you can do that too. To boost your name, you need coins. Coins can be either playing and winning levels, or you can buy coins from the store with real money.

It’s tough to earn enough coins for upgrading characters by playing and winning levels. To solve this problem, we’ve found a mod apk of score hero. Read ahead to get premium score hero features for free.

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Gameplay Of Score Hero Mod APK

Though this game is very fun and interesting to play some players might suffer playing this game for the first time. As there aren’t many character movements, you just have to feel the shot and drag a shooting line on the screen. As tough as this sounds it’s ain’t that hard. This game is developed by First Touch Games, studios so there are high chances this game has diverse gameplays.

In score hero, players will have to shoot goals in different environments of a football field. This is the only football game where you’ll be shooting goals continuously. But before starting playing first you’ll have to create your custom avatar. This avatar will be the character that’ll be controlled by you. You can customize hairs, shoes, skin color, jersey, truck, etc of your character. With this much-varied diversity of customization, this game becomes more enjoyable. This is a level-based game so to complete a storyline you’ll have to finish all the levels.

There are many different levels you’ll be playing in this game. In total there are more than 600 levels to play in just career mode. However, even if you complete career mode there’ll be much more to explore after that. To keep players engaged and give them diverse playing environments there are different modes where you can level up simultaneously. The difficulty of level is initially easy however, with increasing levels difficulty also increases. There will be times when you’ll have to shoot very critical and impossible goals. In these types of scenarios, the special skill of your character will help you pull out the perfect shot. 

Graphics Of Score Hero Mod Apk 


The graphics of this game are majorly focused to provide players with smooth and appealing virtual artwork. And this game surely provides all the above described visual features. However, details in designing had been kept the major priority. Apart from this, the natural movements of the character are very realistic. Also, the customization options are very well provided. This game offers frame rates of 60Fps with a crystal clear 1080p resolution. The resolution of the game may vary depending upon the device on which the game is being played. Though this game runs pretty smooth on every device some low-end devices may face some lag issues. 


The sound of kicks, penalty, and football is very precisely timed so it different feel like taken off from the game. 

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Score Hero Mod APK features : 

When you start the game, you will create your unique character, which will accompany you throughout your game journey. You’ll tackle situations where you will need to make quick decisions to score goals. In such situations, you can use your character’s skills to become a top player in the league. Based on the case, you have to use your tactical abilities and make decisions favoring your positions. There will be situations where you have to score some of the most critical and impossible looking goals. In such conditions, you have to remain calm and play with full confidence.

Unlimited Money

When playing score hero Hack APK you have options to buy different items for your character. But all of these items cost in-game money. Though some items are very expensive and one has to collect a huge amount of in-game money to buy anything. But with our mod apk, there is unlimited money. So now you can buy any jersey, trunks, shoes, socks, etc for your character. 

Character customization

When playing the game, you are free to customize your character as you want. You can change your name; it’s the face, face color, hair type, and everything else. You can also customize the wearings of your player from its jersey to its shoes. Again, if you wish to customize your character while playing the game, you can do that. Isn’t it amazing to customize your in-game name while playing! 

Easy interactive controls

While playing football, we have to take care of many things similarly while playing; game controls are made so that it’s easy for the gamer to get used to controls. But most of the games do not provide feasible, easy management. Score hero has very interactive rules which anybody can learn. Also, it’s gesture controls are very accurate. You can shoot the ball with a swipe of your finger. Also, you can shoot a curve goal by giving a curve swipe to the screen. All the gesture shooting controls work fantastic and are very easy to learn too. Even a person who has never played with commands like these before will find it very easy to play. 

Long journey

To complete the game, you have to last levels. There are times when the game gets tough. Some classes are challenging. Some are extremely hard, so it takes time to clear each level. Also, to give a long time fun, developers of the game have created hundreds of stories to conquer. In total, there are 660 levels players can enjoy tense gameplay and clear each level. 

Career mode

Apart from clearing levels, players can start their side journey by playing career mode. When players start playing career mode, they fight against different teams. Your career start will be from no-one to become no one. You have to push your rank upwards to ace career mode. There will be challenges and situations where players have to choose choices. As per the player’s choice, the storyline of the career mode will change too. 

How to get premium score hero features for free

To get premium features like coins and remove ads, you can either buy them or use Score Hero mod apk provided by us. To get unlimited money and remove ads, you have to install the score hero’s mod version. MOD apk is the modified version of the official score hero, which quantity of coins has been made unlimited. Therefore without spending any money, you get unlimited coins in your game to finish. You can use these coins to buy any in-game item.

Steps to Download and Install:

  • To download the Score Hero Hack APK click on the download below in this article.
  • You’ll be getting redirected to our telegram channel to download the apk from there from a given link
  • Next allow the unknown sources in your device to download to complete the installation process
  • After everything completes you will get to enjoy the Apk features for sure.

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It’s an excellent game. Your choices or moves can alter entire storyline of the game. However, this game is very famous so you must give a shot to this game.

FAQ : Score Hero Hack APK 2021

Is this Score Hero mod apk safe?

Yes for sure, Score Hero this mod is safe for the user.

Will I be able to share this account in Score Hero with multiple users?

No, you will not be able to use Score Hero apk account with multiple users.

Will this Score Hero Mod Apk get banned?

The maximum chances are no. But if you do not use Score Hero mod properly, this apk mod can get banned.


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