Blood and Treasure Season 2: Will “Sofia Pernas” return in the upcoming season? Read To Know More.

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Actions, romance, adventure, thrill.  Blood and Treasure is an amazing adventure and action drama. By Matthew Federman and Stephen Scaia.

Release Date: Blood and Treasure Season 2

Officially, this show started on May 21, 2019. With 12 episodes, it was all completed to be released in 2020, it was expected to release on CBS in May 2020.  But, The trailer is still awaited. Because of the pandemic situation it could not be released in 2020 but we according to CBS it will be released pretty soon in 2021

Cast: Blood and Treasure Season 2

As per the information, there will be no new cast members in the second season. This means the members from the first season will be appearing on the screen again.

Matt Barr will be playing the same role as Dammy Me Namara.

  • Sofia pernas as Lexi Waziri
  • Katia winter as Gwen Karlsson
  • Alicia Coppola as Anna Castillo
  • James Callis as Simon Hardvick
  • Mark Gagliardi as Father Chuck

Plot: Blood and Treasure Season 2

The plot of the season consists of two lead protagonists. “Danny” is an expert in antiquities, and also, a former FBI member. And “Lexi Veziri”, a cunning and genius thief. This pair decided to track down the criminals and terrorists by using rare stolen treasures, to save civilization. Their journey is full of complications. Because Danny steals rare treasures and sells them and from that money, he funds his attacks. The main thing is that they need to recover the tomb of Cleopatra, which has been left unexplored for centuries.

This season is filled with action and romance. The lead cast members Sofia Pernas steps into the roll of Lexi Vaziri.

Storyline: Blood and Treasure season 2

The return of the “Queen” after the 11th episode of Blood and Treasure, new leads exposed dangerous threads. In the first season “The return of Queen” from the beginning leads the immense amount of focus on “Denny”

As soon as blood treasure episodes of season 1 began showing appreciation by the fans. The manufacturers decided to renew it with another season. The story is about two powerful, genius, and cunning pairs of Denny and Lexi. As they traveled the world together for the sake of treasure. And to save the civilization which is 2,000 years old. The first stop of return of the Queen is in Italy where Soledad lived. In the first season, it seems by the experience of import and export shows that he has many contacts in the Bermuda triangle.

Update: Blood and Treasure season 2

Towards the end of June 2019, the next season was recharged by CBS before the main episode of the season could end. Blood and Treasure will probably be released late because of the delay of a pandemic. As the past season is released in the late spring, for this reason, the equivalent season is required to occur with the subsequent season. According to the sources, the fundamental cast of the season will come back to season 2. As there is no such variation in the roles or in the cast members. We all can see our favorite ones on the screen again with the new season soon. The new season with a new and amazing storyline.

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