Stephen Colbert got a gift from Peter Jackson in the shape of a Tolkien spinoff in the Late show featuring 12 minutes

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Stephen Colbert got a gift from Peter Jackson in the shape of a Tolkien spinoff in the Late show featuring 12 minutes. The two were accidentally on the same side of the globe at the same time and they decided to use it productively by crossing off one item from their bucket list. Stephen Colbert’s latest show was now transformed into a brilliant pageanty right out of a Tolkien fantasy fiction book for 12 minutes.

Stephen Colbert was also given a role, a reward for his life-long loyalty and love for the LOTR series and books. In the movie The Hobbit: The Desolation of The Smaug he got a small feature of six seconds, however, he was eternally grateful for it.
Peter Jackson already has a trilogy of Tolkien’s folklore under his belt, thus he doesn’t seem like he is going to be in the mood for another one soon enough. We have already learned that the franchise is getting a kick-start for the next era quite soon.

The short trailer of 12 minutes consisted of a series of tales by Darrylgorn, the slightly-hotter-more-rugged twin brother of Aragorn. This was perhaps one of the most hilarious cosplay-features ever as it was falling right in tune with the grandeur of LOTR. It reminded us of two specific movies – Deadpool and Tropic Thunder; the fourth-wall-break aspect of Deadpool where reality enunciating jokes are used to diffuse the epic theme, and the sequence from Tropic Thunder about “The Scorcher movies”. That serious voice in the background followed by a series of images to describe the character.

The interview with Peter Jackson was filled with unspoken humour, almost as if the elephant in the room is being addressed by not addressing the awkwardness. Stephen Colbert’s narcissism was used brilliantly to portray an uninterested Peter, who in all probability forgot the 6 second cameo by Stephen. Known for his fair share of cameo’s in the LOTR series, Peter was sporting enough to join Stephen Colbert in his video, just like Sir Ian McKellen and Viggo Mortensen; although these two showed absolute disgust, its safe to assume that this was all scripted. Elijah Wood, on the other hand, echoed his age when he said, “Fu** yeah! I’m in”.

Perhaps one of the funniest trailers ever, we are absolutely sure that he spy finally got his dream role as Darrylgorn.

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