The Dragon Prince seems to have issues of beng released after Season 4. check out why.

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The Dragon Prince with Season 1 to 3 has marked its place on the socially available platform of loving fans – Netflix. But the fans wouldn’t have to wait longer as Season 4 ha started working with productions for Season 4. But, yes there is a but; the future of the show is on a topsy turvy ride as there are chances that the show might not be coming back for future continuation because at least a former employee has been accused of sexist behavior.

The animated fantasy series has all the ups and downs, earlier this year the Head of Community Development for The Dragon Prince and Wonderstorm –  Danika Harrod decided to leave her position because Harrod and another former employee, Lulu Younes, were complained about an inappropriate behavior which led to them calling outs on the series, specifically on  Aaron Ehasz.

But among many tweets of Harrod’s on the issue, there were several claiming’s that the show will have no future beyond Season 3 might not be so secure as nobody wants to let the show stop. Season 3 was aired without any doubt and without any complications. But thinking for season 4 was too risky with the upholding complications on the head of the production team.

If the Netflix animated fantasy series continues in the absence of the co-creator, it would be pretty understandable that where the boat of this series is sailing. There is nothing we know what is going to happen with Dragon Prince, and by releasing season 3 the allegation of Season 4 coming and being the finale season must be like declaring on an endnote.

Season 3 introduced us to the world of the Sunfire Elves where there was an offering window into another intricate and surreal society filled with lore, history, and havoc. The Sunfire Elves didn’t do much in season 3 but there are definitely a lot of things to show in Season 4.

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