“The Expanse Season 5: Are we about to reach the “Nemesis Games” chronicles? Read to know Release date, plot and more!

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The confirmation for the fifth season of this show was a big surprise last year because the fourth season hadn’t even aired by then. But, we suppose it makes sense after the incredible reaction from fans that Syfy got after they had decided to cancel the show post Season 3. However, it is almost a year since the last season had gone up and it’s time now to talk about the upcoming season. There have been several updates recently regarding the release and the production of the show. Read to know about these updates!

Release Date: “The Expanse Season 4”

There have been confirmations of the show’s filming having been started back in October last year. Although Amazon Prime hasn’t made any declarations regarding the status of the fifth season and when it might be released, one can expect it to take up to more than a year since the last season had released. Seeing how the shooting wasn’t affected much by the pandemic since it was almost over by that time, we can expect the release to happen somewhere around late 2020 or early 2021. Although this sounds like a long wait for a show on Amazon Prime, we are sure it’d be worth it.

Cast: “The Expanse Season 4”

The cast for the show seems to mostly returning for their roles in the fifth season. We will see Steven Strait as Rocinante captain ‘Jim Holden’, Cas Anvar as the pilot ‘Alex Kamal’, Torchwood as ‘Burn Gorman’, Keon Alexander as ‘Marco Inaros’, Nadine Nicole as ‘Claire Mao’, and Lily Gao as ‘Nancy’. Dominique Tripper and Wes Chatham are expected to return and Thomas Jane is expected to play the role of Detective Joe Miller.

Plot: “The Expanse Season 5”

The plot is being expected to be based around the Nemesis Games series that followed Cibola Burn. The show has been known to use political undertones so we can expect that from the fifth season too. Season 5 might also decide to develop its main characters by delving into their backstories more and following up on their storylines. There might be more explanation of Naomi’s past self and Alex might go to Mars to his wife. Although there haven’t been any trailers, these theories would make sense for the progression of the series as well as the adaptation for Nemesis Games. There is bound to be the conflict between Holden and Marco Inaros as more and more factions fall into the war zone that the three establishments seem to be turning into. The fifth season is definitely going to be thrilling from what we can gather.

Storyline: “The Expanse Season 5”

The Expanse is an American television show that airs on Amazon Prime. Its first season was released in 2015 and is an adaptation of the novels of the same name by James S.A. Corey. The show belongs to the science fiction category and is set in a distant future. In the show, humans seem to have colonized many planets and the story follows a group of characters who fall into a big conspiracy theory which they now must face to solve before the entire solar system falls in a state of war.

Season 5 promises a ton of thrilling moments for us to be excited about. Are you ready for the release?

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