the former american idol as well as fear factor participant antonella barba got caught in drugs and has to face ten years of prison.

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Former American Idol singer and she was also participant of Fear Factor contestant named Antonella Barba, she is now blaming the singing competition show for her criminal behavior as the former American Idol singer faces a possible decade in prison due to drug charges.


Barba the thirty two year old is now laying out her case for a shorter prison sentence after she pleaded of being guilty in a Nortfolk, Va., court to conspiracy to distribute nearly two pounds of of Fentanyl earlier this year. The singer is scheduled to be sentenced on Novemmber 21st.

According to the court documents obtained by Fox News, the former American Idol contestant is arguing that she played a very minimal role of what was discovered to be a very large drug conspiracy that was very much active in Hampton Roads, Va., from the late 20187 through the fall of 2018.

In addition, the documents that were obtained showed that her legal team blames American Idol for an abrupt change in her life that eventually made her to tun crime. There were something that was written in the document and that was about the Idol. It said that “One of the common themes is that the ‘American Idol’ experience brought about a detrimental change in Ms. Barba’s life”.

The singer’s mother claims that the negative or the bad experience of losing out on her dream of fame is that set her own life on a downward  spiral that culminated with her October 2018 arrest.

She was allegedly directed by a man named Justin Michael Isaac to transport about eight thirty grams, or it was close to two pounds of fenatnyl, to someome.

There was a further investigation in her case and they found out that she had enough drug to kill around four lakhs fifteen thousand people. Which is very huge amount that is one of the reason why she has to be spent in a jail cell for a long period of time.

If someone has committed a crime then that person should be punished by the laws of their country, whether it can be anyone from around the world it can be famous personalities or writers or singers or poets or artists they should be punished.

Antonella Barba

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