Tiny Pretty Things Season 1: Recap, Reviews & News on Season 2!

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Around the world, there are different ways to tell a story. But can you explain a tale without words? Take a guess, yes or no? You are right; we can. Well, not all of us, though. One of the most beautiful and elegant ways of telling a story is Ballet. You can explore the world of ballet wrapped up with the intense drama and the real competition with Tiny Pretty Things. Michael MacLennan proved that additions could make you read the original novels by his creation for Netflix. There will be no other promising display of Sona Charaipotra & Dhonielle Clayton’s book. Readers can watch the series and tell us their reviews. And the blow that the trailer gave the onlookers is beyond explanation. Look out for Kylie Jefferson‘s charisma; it might catch you off guard.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 1: Release Date 

Netflix declared the release date of Tiny Pretty Things Season One set on 14 December 2020. You guys can interpret the popularity of the show by looking at the number of followers on its Instagram page, which is already above two thousand, even before the release. God knows if the subsequent seasons will create a new record. If you guys feel like that, I am getting more excited than required. Please prove me wrong after watching the trailer.

Tiny Pretty Things Season 1: Plot

I am telling you this on a serious note if any female friend of yours gets in a fight with another girl, run! You will thank me for this advice when you watch this series because it portrays some unpleasant side of inner conflicts. We will follow a new replacement ballerina as the earlier lead committed suicide. But did she? There is a strong possibility and undisclosed evidence of the incident to be a murder. Except for this intricate knot, we get to see how scary bullying can be when someone comes in your way to succeed. What are your thoughts about a boy to boy romance? Well, you can get a change of mind after witnessing some of it in the series. Have you ever felt family pressure? That is something we would try to ignore at all costs, but the characters of our story can only do what their family asks. If it is a demand to be the best or to be like an elder sister, they have to do it. But this pressure can make them get guilty.

So, there is a lot to expect from the little Tiny Pretty Things. I find it quite interesting that the name looks so gentle, but the story it reveals is everything but soft. Well, it’s true if we don’t consider ballet dancing because our characters look spectacular when they dance. While we have a female protagonist here, why not look for some other Netflix Originals with female leads. I remember that Emily in Paris Season 2 will also hit screens of the streamer, read the article for more information. Well then, let us get some girl power from these two fantastic series.

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