Top ChatStep alternatives in 2020: Everything you need to know!

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Furthermore, The coronavirus pandemic has taken over the world by storm. With the epidemic in full control of our lives, people have to stay at home. However, this situation is helpful to none of us. We don’t get to meet our friends or socialize with anyone else. With these challenging times, social media is perhaps the biggest boon all of us have. However, not all of us use these apps that often. Many like to use chatrooms to spend some time and often share media without having to create an account. These areas are where online chatrooms shine. Perhaps the most popular chatroom out there is ChatStep. However, ChatStep shut down in 2019, with no attention to returning. Today, we look at the various ChatStep alternatives that have come out since the closing of ChatStep. Read on to find out more!

ChatStep: Overview

ChatStep is a website that allows the user to chat and share pictures in an online chatroom. The user does not have to create an account; they can use the website anonymously or use a nickname. However, the private messenger and photo sharing option did require the user to create an account. Many online businesses would often use ChatStep to conduct online meetings and various other purposes. Unlike some of the apps today, ChatStep would offer unlimited access time on their website.

With the rise of various social media apps like Facebook and Instagram, ChatStep’s popularity slowly diminished. However, many of us still prefer ChatStep’s online chatroom style. Many developers have come up with their ChatStep alternatives, which we will look at today!


If you enjoyed the free and anonymous platform of ChatStep, you would enjoy E-Chat! This website allows you to chat with someone privately without the fear of your conversation shown to someone else. E-Chat also offers numerous chat options, which makes it one of the most popular ChatStep alternatives out there!


As the name suggests, ChatSecure is known for providing one of the most secure and reliable chatroom experiences available in today’s world. The website offers the best in class OTR encryption. This feature is in contrast to the XMPP encryption used by most codecs. This decentralized chatroom option also provides you with the possibility of logging in with your Google account.


Like E-Chat, Chatzy is a free online chat room that offers the private chatroom service as well. Chatzy does not set any limitations and also allows the feature of inviting others via email. Chatzy is available online and does not require any registration or pre-installed software. Furthermore, Chatzy also provides adult chatrooms if you are interested in that. The best part is that you always need to grant permission if someone wishes to join your chatroom. No more spam chat in your chatroom!


In addition to the features provided by other chatrooms, ShockRooms also provides webcam chat rooms. You can enter the chatroom as a guest and start chatting instantly. With both text and video chat options, ShockRooms is used widely around the world. ShockRooms also does not require any additional software or plugins to get started with the website!


Zobe is also another viable ChatStep option available out there. You can meet and chat with strangers from around the world. With multiple functionalities and opportunities, Zobe is one of the most famous ChatStep options out there. The innovative chatroom offers an exciting experience to all of its users. Zobe ensures that chat room trolls do not affect your user experience, while also improving the age-old chat experience.


Omegle is perhaps the best alternative available for ChatStep out there today. While keeping the user anonymous, Omegle also allows the user to choose a chat room from the vast array of options that they offer. Ideal for video chats, video calls, regular chats, and photo sharing, Omegle indeed is the go-to app for everyone! As mentioned, the website offers a normal conversation along with the video calling option. You can toggle between these options and also shift to the regular chat option that is also available.

Chat IW

Unlike the other options presented to you on our list, Chat IW gears its services towards single people looking to socialize with new people. The website offers you a very well built platform to mingle with singles from different regions and of various ages as well. You can send text messages, photos, and also share your location, contrary to most other chatrooms. However, these added functionalities come with greater responsibility. Not only do you need to be aware of catfishers, but you also need to be careful while sharing your location. Strangers may have access to this data, which may lead to disastrous events occurring.

That’s all for today! Don’t worry; we will keep you posted with updates. Until then, continue reading with us!

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