Van Helsing Season 6: Cancelled? Check out its plot, cast, and release date!

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Van Helsing Season 6: The final episode of the fifth season of Van Helsing aired on June 25. With its end, fans have been wondering about the future of the show. Has it been cancelled for good? Or should we expect to get another instalment in future? Check out all the important details about the show right here!

Van Helsing’s pilot episode premiered in July 2016. Its first season received decent reviews from critics. However, the show improved heavily in the next entries. But we also cannot ignore its recent low ratings. Despite providing a satisfying fifth instalment, the overall season attracted nearly 250k viewers on average. Its viewership is very low as compared to other Syfy shows.

The show takes a post-apocalyptic turn on the popular fictional character. It consists of a total of 65 episodes. Neil LaBute is responsible for creating the gothic instalment. He also served as one of the executive producers of the show.

Van Helsing: Plot Synopsis

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The series takes place in a fictional post-apocalyptic world. Vanessa Van Helsing is the leading character of the show. She belongs to the long line of the legendary monster-hunting family of Van Helsing, a direct descendant of Abraham Van Helsing. She wakes up from a long period of coma and discovers that the entire world has turned into ash, courtesy of a supervolcano named Yellowstone Caldera.

There is no sign of sunlight as a result of the supervolcano eruption. This scenario has benefitted the faction of vampires. The latter blood-sucking group can now freely roam anywhere they want. And they don’t even have to worry about sunlight anymore.

The above situation changes drastically when vampires find Vanessa’s ability to turn vampires into humans. Her special blood composition makes that happen. She becomes humanity’s only hope of survival. The faction of humans utilises her as their main weapon to defeat and eradicate vampires once and for all.

A former marine, Axel Miller, and a medical examiner, Dr Sarah Carol, become Vanessa’s protectors. The latter was herself a vampire. But she was cured by our protagonist.

What do we know about the future of Van Helsing?

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If you are looking to watch the sixth instalment of Van Helsing, then prepare yourself to hear a piece of bad news. The makers have confirmed that the fifth season was the final part of the tv series. They will no longer return with a new entry in future.

We can mention many factors that led to the cancellation of the gothic show for good. First, the producers strongly believe that they have given a satisfying conclusion to the overall gothic saga. They don’t want to mess that up by airing any unwanted addition to the series. Additionally, they are left with no juice to run the show. We think it is good that the makers have no interest in continuing the series in future. After all, stretching it unnecessarily will mess up the entire story arc.

Like we mentioned above, the low television ratings of Van Helsing is also one of the prime reasons behind its cancellation. We are damn sure that the makers are in no mood of facing financial losses by continuing it. We believe it is safe to admit that the gothic series is done and dusted.

This is what one of the showrunners, Jonathan Lloyd Walker, tweeted during the final days of the shooting of the Van Helsing series:

Van Helsing Season 6: Cast

If the sixth season of Van Helsing takes place in future, then we can expect Kelly Overton to reprise her character of Vanessa. We cannot imagine the show without her leading lady, can we? Also, don’t forget the duo of Jonathan Scarfe and Rukiya Bernard to portray the prominent characters of Axel Miller and Sarah Carol, respectively.

In addition to all the characters mentioned above, we can expect some new characters to get introduced in the sixth season. However, the odds of Season 6 happening are almost negligible.

Van Helsing Season 6: Release Date

We are sorry to inform you that Season 6 of Van Helsing will not come out in future. We will update this section as soon as we get new information regarding the renewal of the show.

Van Helsing Season 6: Trailer

We only have the trailer of the previous season. Watch it to enjoy all the nostalgic moments of the series.




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