Westworld Season 3 : Check Out for Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Need To Know about the HBO Series!

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All the talks on the social media are predominantly about the third season of Westworld on HBO.

It all started from the first season of the Series itself. The Westworld season 1 was brilliant, gathering a huge audience which appreciated and loved the series. However, the second season was unable to fulfil the expectations of the audience and hence, there was a dip in the following and viewership of the show.

About the Show

Westworld is a television series based on a movie released in the year 1973. The American series belongs to the genre of Sci-fi and is created by the very talented Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy.

The third season of the series was very much talked about after Jonathan and Lisa commented on the season at the San Diego Comic Con this year itself. They revealed that the world will see its future, after about 30 years. This time, most of the production is in Singapore.


The full trailer of the third season of Westworld has been released which has blowed the minds of the fans and followers. It seems like the makers have realised their mistake of too much puzzle-solving in the second season and will obviously not repeat it.

Everyone is quite excited to know what happens to Bernard after he was seen in the trailer. Additionally, Jeffrey’s voice in the trailer indicates his teaming up with Stubbs in the third season.

Release Date

Although no date is fixed yet, there is relief in the minds of fans about the third season as there will be a second trailer as well. Also, Bob Greenblatt, the chairman of WarnerMedia has confirmed of the show returning to the screens in the year 2020.

It is anticipated that Westworld season 3 will return in the first half of 2020 and will consist of eight episodes instead of ten.


There is a sad news for the audience as the Westworld third season will be based entirely on robots, due to which our favourite characters will not be seen on the screen anymore.

However, some cast members, such as Jeffrey Wright and Evan Rachel Wood will be seen on the screen again playing the role of Bernard Lowe and Dolores, respectively. There will also be introduction of new members in the cast, which includes Aaron Paul, Kid Cudi, Lena Waithe and Vincent Cassell.

Taking into consideration the fact that Dolores left Westworld with five orbs, there may be a number of ‘dead’ host characters who could return in the show. the various plot twists will also introduce other cast members in form of re-appearances as well, which would mean an obvious return of Jimmy Simpson and peter Mullan.


To start with what happened in second season, William tried to betray Dolores but she sabotaged his gun, which later explodes and William gets injured. This was followed by Dolores and Bernard finding Forge and Bernard opening ‘the door’.

On a happy note, Akecheta is reunited with his wife. However, Lee sacrifices himself! When Maeve is reunited with her daughter, she convinces her daughter to cross the Sublime, but unfortunately, Maeve is shot and killed by none other than the Delos security.

There’s more to it! Bernard kills Dolore! Also, Charlotte kills Elsie! Then, Dolores is disguised as Charlotte and kills Bernard!

What could Probably Happen in the Westworld Season 3?

The third season will be witnessing a radical shift and the audience will feel as if the show is all new. It was also confirmed that Emily is dead and hence, Williams is speaking to a Host.

All excited for Westworld Season 3!!!

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