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Download Whatsapp Indigo latest version for your to try new mod features of Whatsapp
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27 April 2022
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Whatsapp is among the top and most frequently used social media applications. It is mainly used to communicate, call as well as for other purposes. However, it is also used to share media files like audios, videos, and so on. It is also possible to upload additional files, such as pdf files, zip files, and many more, on Whatsapp. While Whatsapp is an excellent app but it does have certain limitations. For instance, in the official version of Whatsapp, it is not possible to see revoked messages or deleted statuses. Also, you are unable to access Whatsapp statuses and other information.

To fix this problem, developers created some Whatsapp modifications like Whatsapp Indigo, GBWhatsapp, Whatsapp Plus, etc. This article will look at Whatsapp Indigo. It’s an altered version of the official Whatsapp and has additional features that aren’t available on the official Whatsapp. You can download the most recent version of the Whatsapp Indigo by hitting the Download button.

WhatsApp Indigo APK

Whatsapp Indigo is one of the fantastic modified versions of the popular Whatsapp. It has different highlights, similar to the distinct Whatsapp modifications Apk.

The Whatsapp Indigo app gives its users the option of concealing their name, their date and hiding the actual field trips. The need for writing or making recordings and blue ticks and typical ticks highlight are as well current.

The quality of the images are kept current, and users can send documents with a size of 72 MB to their contacts without compromising their quality. Record a different route for a visit can be made using Whatsapp Indigo. These highlights are mostly not found in exclusive Whatsapp.

Hidden away are GBWhatsAppWhatsApp Plus, and YOWhatsApp; WhatsApp Indigo is a way to connect with us similar features, but various shades of Indigo of their unique touch that we can find. Whatever we look at our actions:

  • Based using WhatsApp’s authentic WhatsApp Courier APK.
  • Opportunities to design an application that addresses our issues.
  • There are many different emoticons to choose from.
  • Neil components, such as symbols, or to enhance illusions to communicate the status.
  • You have more options having the opportunity to stop the time that a chat goes to privacy controls.

The only downside to this is that you download the APK is the MoD and try to install it. It will be an efficient system since it’s never going to be an operating system. After that, refreshing updates’ specific request is dependent on the initial WhatsApp to be upgraded to a different performance. You’ll limit.

Features of Whatsapp Indigo

Whatsapp Indigo comes with many options, but we’ll focus only on the most critical functions included in the Whatsapp mod Apk.

  • Upload larger file

It is a Whatsapp mod application that lets you share larger files via Whatsapp. You can now upload and share files that exceed 1GB. In the official version of Whatsapp, it is possible to share files up to 72MB. However, this limit is increased with this mod app. You can also upload other files, such as zip, pdf, and so on, with this Whatsapp mod apk, up to 100MB.

Online Status Hide/Freeze

With this Whatsapp mod app, you can conceal and freeze the last time you were seen. It also can freeze your last seen. If you turn on this feature, then you can display offline even while you are online. Chat with other individuals and do more while not showing online. It is not apparent to anyone whether you are inactive or online. Your status will be displayed as offline to all of your Whatsapp contacts.

Status Downloader:

It is a Whatsapp mod apk comes with the ability to download statuses. This lets you download Whatsapp statuses with one click in the gallery on your phone. There is no need for an app from a third party to download Whatsapp statuses.

  • Customization:

You can now customize this Whatsapp mod apk to your preferences. It’s fully customizable. You can create custom themes, logos, fonts, and many more features in this Whatsapp mod application. There are over 150 theme options available in the library. It is possible to download the theme as well as the app to the Whatsapp mod Apk. This way, you can modify the whole interface for your Whatsapp mod application.

Anti Revoke Message:

In this Whatsapp modification, you can also read messages that have been revoked with the aid of this option. If you turn on this feature, then you will be able to read all deleted messages. Not only are you able to read them, but you also respond to notices that were deleted by choosing the letters.

Anti Status Delete

This Whatsapp can also allow you to look at the deleted statuses of Your Whatsapp contacts. You can see the deleted grades and also respond to them. By using the feature, you will impress your family and friends by responding to their deleted statuses.

Anti Ban

The most recent version Indigo Whatsapp comes with an anti-ban feature, which shields your account from the ban. If you’re employing this Whatsapp mod, then you won’t have to worry about any ban, whether permanent or temporary. Problem. It’s 100% secure and safe to use.

Risks of Using Modded WhatsApp Apk

  • Chats that are not secure: Messaging and chatting with WhatsApp Mod apps isn’t that secure than the original format. WhatsApp messages are saved in the WhatsApp host, but you don’t guarantee that your messages will go through external servers.
  • Google Play Store updates are not available: trusted developers do not develop WhatsApp Mods. They are created by outsiders and are available via the Google Play Store so that you won’t receive updates from the Mods for WhatsApp.
  • It is prohibited at any time: These modded WhatsApp applications do not adhere to the original WhatsApp conditions to make it possible for you to be banned at any time.
  • Could include advertisements: WhatsApp Mod Apks created by outsider producers, which allow them to display annoying ads while using WhatsApp.
  • The application may be Hazardous. Based on BGR, the WhatsApp Plus’ app contains hyperlinks to websites that are not widely known and proves that the application is communicating with servers that are not internal. Make sure you are safe when using these modified WhatsApp.

Who is the best person to decide in the matter of WhatsApp Mod Applications

It doesn’t matter the number of capabilities and highlights listed in the previous paragraphs. You may think about who would require WhatsApp cool and the reason you’ll be having difficulty installing it, as well as backing the messages you send and other messages.

WhatsApp mod. The mods aren’t suitable for all users. However, a small percentage of users are more than happy only to use the official WhatsApp version. If, in any event, you’re in a loop and back, there are some reasons you should be cautious about using mods for WhatsApp.

People who have multiple accounts

Imagine having a job phone and a personal phone, and you are using WhatsApp on a couple of gadgets to fulfil different purposes. Instead of overseeing and focusing on the two phones, WhatsApp Mod APK documents allow users to join the two, and you only need only one device.

People who are looking for the most effective participation

If you’re the type of person, who wishes to alter their phone to reflect their personality and the patterns and styles you like, it is a given that the WhatsApp mod is what you’re searching for. With a variety of mods providing the most extensive range of themes and styles, you’ll be unable to decide how your app is implemented.

Has a low-performance devices

If you’re using WhatsApp on an additional device, or one that isn’t equipped with a large amount of RAM or memory and RAM, the app could slash the power of your device. However, using the mod approach allows you to take advantage of every benefit from WhatsApp without bringing your device to a standstill.

Individuals Who Want More Functionality

There’s no way to stop the many WhatsApp users who claim to focus on the capabilities of what a WhatsApp mod download may provide to your device. Whatever the case, whether you’re looking to bypass the authorities WhatsApp restrictions, like pictures sharing, or the size of the files you upload or require more power over your security settings, There’s a WhatsApp mod to help you.

Who Adore Their Security

Security is essential in this modern world, especially if parents who manage private messages that you don’t want anyone else to read or an expert handling sensitive data that you’d instead not expose publicly. If this is the case, using the WhatsApp excellent app can help in securing and protecting your information.

How To Download WAP Whatsapp?

Are you looking to download the most recent version of Whatsapp Indigo? This is the complete step-by-process guide to download this Whatsapp mod Apk.

  • Click the download button that is provided, and then wait for it.
  • Just wait a few seconds before the downloading process will start shortly.
  • It will ask you for the location to save the file.
  • Then, save the URL to download the Apk file.
  • The download will be complete in just a few minutes.
  • All you have to do to download Whatsapp mod

How To Install WAP Whatsapp Indigo On An Andriod Device?

Here are the complete steps you must follow to install this mod apk onto your android device securely. Be sure to remember that before creating an account on this mod apk, make sure you’ve backup your account on official Whatsapp.

  • Check the settings on your Android device and enable unidentified sources.
  • Go to the download folder for the APK file.
  • Click on the app and click the Install button.
  • It takes only some minutes to set up fully.
  • This is all you need to accomplish to set up Whatsapp.
  • After installing the app, it is now open, and you can create your Whatsapp account and start enjoying it.


WhatsApp Indigo, The name, implies the idea that WhatsApp is primarily for user-friendly darlings. If you need to update the topics of their WhatsApp as often as they can, This mod is perfect for you.

The colours of WA Indigo go along with the different bubbles and symbols, with hues that include Cyan, Gray, Crayon, Rose-coloured, 3D smoke. In the central part, it is for the customers to come up with increasingly appealing and unusual things to make connections with customers.

WhatsApp Indigo can be, in the main of the time, useful for users who need to have an alternative appearance for their WhatsApp accounts, which is different from other accounts. Additionally, you can alter WhatsApp colours such as Cyan, Gray, Crayon, Pink, 3 Dimension form and smoke. Other possible outcomes related to protecting yourself offer the option of freezing the time that you last viewed in chats.


Is it secure to use? Whatsapp Indigo?

It is 100 100% safe and secure to utilize Whatsapp Indigo. It is free of any malware or virus. There is no chance of experiencing any issues using this mod for the WhatsApp app.

How can I upgrade Whatsapp Indigo?

  • You can go to the settings of the app to change the settings.
  • Click on the updates
  • Click here to check for updates.
  • Then, click on update.
  • It will open the site and download the most recent version of the application.
  • Now, download the most current version of Whatsapp.

How do I Install Whatsapp Indigo?

  • Make sure to change the settings on your Android device and enable untrusted sources.
  • Then, visit the download folder for the Apk file.
  • Click on the Apk, then click the Install button.
  • It takes just some minutes to set up fully.
  • All you have to accomplish is to set up Whatsapp.
  • After you have installed the app. It is now open, and you can create your Whatsapp account. Enjoy.



What's new

In addition to the many capabilities, WhatsApp Indigo has new high points that you can enjoy using the incredible WhatsApp MoD. Here are some of the features that you shouldn't be missing:

  • Correction of online tribute bug
  • Optimized speed
  • Add GIF sharing GIF sharing
  • In multicast, and can also be able to count the group.
  • The rate of messages can be increased.
  • Custom privacy settings added
  • Recently created media MoDs
  • Minor bugs fixed

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