When are The Punisher and Jessica Jones coming to Netflix??Are these shows cancelled? Are they going to have Punisher Season 3 and Jessica Jones Season 4 ?!!

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When are jessica jones and THE PUNISHER COMING BACK TO NETFLIX !!

Frank Castle seeks to revenge the diabolical murders of his family that is what we saw in the first season of The Punishers. Frank Castle uncovers the conspiracy while seeking revenge for these murders.

The Punishers was produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC studios. The 1st season premiered in New York on the 6th of November and the entire season of 13 episodes was released.  A second season was ordered in December 2017 because of its enormous popularity..

Frank Castle as The Punisher hunts down and murders the members of the gang that killed his family.  Later he is awakened at 3.00 am in the wee hours of the morning plagued by the nightmares of his family’s death.

Frank Castle is drawn to vigilantism.  He learns that Billy who happens to be close family friend is involved in the murders of his wife and children the desire for vengeance becomes very personal.

Netflix and Marvel decided to end their five year relationship, that gives us a sign of the things to come in the near future in the world of the streaming era.

Jessica Jones and  The Punisher are two series which although enjoy a amazing fan following, might be axed soon according to speculations.  The main protagonist  Jon Bernthal,  playing the role of the vigilante told the press that as far as the serial gaining an extension is concerned the situation is beyond his control.

One of the reason as to why it is difficult to say whether Jessica Jones or The Punishers will come back for a further season is because the relationship between Netflix and Marvels went rapidly downhill despite both the series having a somewhat successful run on Netflix.

There are a lot of intricacies involved in negotiating contracts and negotiating which characters and stories can be developed, and the way things are progressing it is difficult to predict whether fans will get to see either Jessica Jones or the Punishers on their TV screens ever again.  Best to start preparing for a permanent goodbye now!


Fans are devastated and petitions are being signed so who knows and although it not set in stone yet, Marvels might get back the two series in 2020. So just keep your fingers crossed.

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