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Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK is an video editing app for Android, iOS and Windows through which you can give special effects to your Videos in a single click.
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Are you searching for a best Video Editing app for your device? Are you stuck or confused which is the best video editing app for your device? If yes, then you are at the right place, we are going to provide you a best video editing app and its name is Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK. Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK is an video editing app for Android, iOS and Windows through which you can give special effects to your Videos in a single click. You can download Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro APK latest version through the download link provided in this article.

Since Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK is of very small size so it will be compatible to all the devices. Being in small but have a very large number of effects and filters through which you edit your video like a pro. Just download Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK now.

About Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK Pro


So you are searching for a video editor which is fast and reliable and compatible to your device then you must go through the Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro APK. You can edit your Videos in just one click. There are many FX effects, filters, text, Multi Music, Sounds and live dubbing like features available in this Xvideostudio.Video Editor. You can cut, trim, slow or fast your videos, add or remove images and many more things that you can do.

Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK Download 

So you might be thinking that Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK is not free but I want to tell you that this app is 100% free of cost you don’t have to pay any money in order to download the APK. You just have to go to the download page link given in this article and there you will get a direct download link of Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK for Android & iOS Latest Version.

Features of Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK IOS and Android


Various features of Xvideostudio video editor APKaxx are described below you can read them out :


You can edit 4k HD videos using this video editor app. The Xvideostudio video editor APK has a various number of video quality option in it. You can edit all types of videos upto 4K using this app.

Modify Video Speed

You can increase or decrease video speed of your video using Xvideostudio video editor APK download for Android. If you want to add slow-mo effect then just decrease the video speed or if you want to move fast your video for some duration then just increase the speed of the video. You will have custom timing option in which you want to modify the speed of the video.

Add Photos and mp3 sound

You can add photos and mp3 sound in the video, this will seems to be a pro editor.

Cut and Merge Videos

If you want to trim or cut the video you can simply cut that video and can be able to merge it to any other video with just a single click using this awesome Xvideostudio video editor APK.

Add Effects

You can add various effect available in the Xvideostudio video editor APK in your videos to make your video more attractive and full of effects. The video looks very cool after adding those effects in your video.

Reverse your Video

If you want to make the reverse of your video then download Xvideostudio video editor Mod  APK in your Android & iOS device. Add your video, click on the Reverse option and make the reverse of your video with just a single click.

Remove and Add Sound in your Videos

You can remove the original sound from the video and if you want to add other sound then you add a new sound in the video using this Xvideostudio video editor Pro APK. You can also separate the sound from the video and you can use that sound in another video if you want to use.

Compress Video in Small Size

Sometimes you face storage problem in your device so Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK features a compress video option by using which you can compress your video in small size according to your requirements which is a great feature offered by Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro APK.

Easy to Share

You can share the video on the social media from the Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK only. There is a option of sharing video on social media just click on it and share your edited video to your social media with just a single tap. No need to import export and then upload.

Safe and Secure

This app is safe to use and 100% secured, there is no malware in it. This app is 100% genuine no bugs or virus are found in this app. You will have full security using this app.

Free to Use

There will be no charges or premium access required in order to use this video editing app. This app 100% free to use, no extra charges will be demanded in order to use this Xvideostudio Video Editor Pro APK.

Easy and Nice Interface

The interface of the Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK for Android & iOS is easy and nice. The interface is so simple to use even if you are using it for the time still you will not face much problems to use this app.

Premium Subscription

The official app demands premium membership in order to access some premium features but if you download Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro APK from the download link provided in this article then you will not have to buy the premium membership.

No Ads

Xvideostudio Video Editor Pro APK do not have ads in it. The pro version of this apk is free of ads so no more irritating ads between the editing of your video.

No Watermark

Xvideostudio.Video Editor Mod APK features no watermark, means if you edit and import the video using Xvideostudio.Video Editor then you will not have watermark in it.

Fast Response

Since the app size is small compatible to all the devices, the response of the app is also very fast. So just download Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK latest version for your Android & iOS now.

How to Download and Install xxvideostudio video editor apkaxx 2021?

Follow the below steps to download and install xxvideostudio.video editor apk 2021 :

  • Fist of all download xxvideostudio.video editor apkaxx 2021 from the download link provided in this article.
  • Now click on the xxvideostudio video editor pro apk file
  • Now install the app in your Android device
  • Now open the app and that’s it you have successfully installed xxvideostudio.video editor apk in your device

After installing this you to register or signup in the app, you can do this by reading out below instructions

How to Register or Signup in Xxvideostudio video editor apk20waa for Android & iOS?

First of all you have to download xxvideostudio.video editor APK 2021 in your device and then follow the below steps.

  • Open xvideostudio.video Editor Pro Apkaxx 2021
  • Now click on the Register button
  • Now enter your user id and password or just simply create a new account
  • Now you will get a Thanks message in a dialogue box
  • Now it will ask for the country, enter your country and click on continue
  • That’s it you have successfully registered in the Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro APK.

Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro APK Download Video to MP3

Xvideostudio Video Editor Pro APK 2021 also have a feature of converting your video to mp3 so if you love the sound of any video and want it to be stored it in mp3 format then you can simply use this Xvideostudio Video Editor Pro APK 2021 and convert your video into mp3. This app have inbuilt converter and all this will you get it for free.

Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro App Download for iOS and Android

Xvideostudio.Video Editor App is the best video editor among all the video editing apps. This app do not contains any bug or virus in it and also support HD Video editing with lots of features in it and also it is free of cost.

How to use Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro APK for iOS and Android?

Follow the below instruction in order to learn how to use Xvideostudio.Video Editor App for your daily use to edit Videos.

  • Chose your video which you want edit, the video can be in any format like MP4, MKV, AVI or in any other extension
  • Now open Xvideostudio.Video Editor APP in your device
  • Now select the video Format e.g. MP4, AVI, MKV etc
  • After selecting the video format in the Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro Mod APK 2021 you will see an option to upload the video
  • Now upload the video which you want to edit
  • Let the uploading to be completed, once uploading completed you will see various options like Cut, Trim, Add/Remove, Slow/Fast, Effects etc.
  • Start editing your video

So I don’t think using Xvideostudio.Video Editor app is not that difficult. It is very simple to use, a beginner can also use this app very easily without facing any problem. This is the Pro version so it will have any ads in it and we are providing this app for free (premium unlocked app). Also when you finish your editing and import the video you will see there is no watermark in the video because it is premium or pro APK.

Pros of Xvideostudio.Video Editor App ?

There are many pros of using Xvideostudio Video Editor Pro APK for iOS and Android

  • It offers various video editing options
  • Add/merge videos
  • Easy to share your videos to friends
  • Free to use
  • No Bugs
  • Compatible to all device
  • Premium App
  • No Ads
  • No Watermark
  • Easy to Use
  • Simple Interface
  • Small Size

Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK Download for Android Work in Offline Mode :

If you are searching for a video editor then Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK is best android ios video editor app. The best part is that it works in offline mode and work in all devices. No matter how low configuration your device has it will work for you. Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK work smoothly in all devices with no glitches and bugs in it.

Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK work in Offline Mode :

Hey if you are searching for a offline video editor then y recommendation is that you must try Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK. First thing it is of small and work in almost all the devices and second thing is this does not contain any bugs or glitches in it. There are more video editors like Kinemaster Mod APK, VN Mod APK and more others but this is awesome video editor.

Best for Android users :

As I already told you that Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK is one of the best Video Editor for Android as well as iOS device. The best part of this video editor is that it does not need any High requirements that you must have high end device and etc. It works smoothly in every device even in low end devices. You will not face any problem if you have a low end device.

Alternatives of Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK

There are many alternatives Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK and some are as follows that you can use as an alternative of Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro APK

So these were some alternatives of Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK that you use if you face any problem or you don’t like this video editor app.

FAQ : Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK

Q. Is it safe to use Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro APK?

Ans: Yes, it 100% safe to use this app, there is no virus or bugs in this app.

Q. Is it Good to use Xvideostudio.Video Editor App for iOS and Android?

Ans: Yes, it is pretty good to use this app for your respective devices. I don’t think you will get a best video editor like this. It is one of the best video editing for Android and iOS, you will not get features like this in any other video editing app. There may be a better video editing app available but at the end you have to pay money in order to access all the features of video editing app but Xvideostudio.Video Editor App is free to download and use. You don’t have much problem in using and downloading this app. So it is the better option to use this Video editor.

Q. How to Download and Install Xvideostudio.Video Editor APK ?

Ans: You can easily download and install Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro APK for your devices by just simply clicking on the download link provided in this article. Click on the download link and proceed the next steps as mentioned in this article.

Q. Is this app contains any virus in it?

Ans: No, this app do not contain any virus or any threats that may harm your device. It is fully secured no need to worry about your security risk.

Final Words

So this was the article all about the Xvideostudio.Video Editor App. This is one of the best video editing app and you can edit videos as many as you want. There is no limitation, you can edit unlimited numbers of videos. The app is very fast and secured, you can download Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro Mod APK for your android and iOS both. You will have various editing features like Cut, trim, crop, fx filters, slow/fast etc.

Download Xvideostudio.Video Editor App

Download Xvideostudio.Video Editor Pro App 2021 – Click Here to Download [3 MB]

If you have any problem regarding Xvideostudio.Video Editor App then you can comment below we will help you out.

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