Your Lie in April Season 2: Expected Plot, Cast, Release Date, and other details!

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Are you tired of watching action-packed anime shows? Do you like romantic instalments? Then you must give a try to Your Lie in April!

The manga series ‘Your Lie in April’ debuted in April 2011. It drew a mixed-to-positive critical reception during its overall run. However, the manga lovers adored it. Fans loved the unique romantic plot and the romantic tension between the leading duo. It quickly gained worldwide popularity and became one of the highest-selling manga series of all time.

Japanese mangas are prominent for providing action-packed and adventurous storylines to the readers. Not many romantic plots have emerged from the manga or the light novel universe. However, Your Lie in April changed the overall scenario. It inspired manga writers to pen down more romantic dramas in their creations.

Three years after the manga’s debut, the anime adaptation of the same name released in October 2014. The debut season consisted of 22 episodes. One of the most famous Japanese anime studios ever, A-1 Pictures, is responsible for adapting it into an anime instalment.

Your Lie in April: Plot Synopsis

your lie in april

Our protagonist, Kousei Arima, possesses exceptional piano playing skills. His closed ones hail him as a piano prodigy. His mother served as his only inspiration for playing the piano. However, his mother loses her life due to some unfortunate circumstances. The death of his mother shocks him to the core. Sometime later, he also loses his ability to hear and feel the music he plays.

Kousei decides to suppress his passion for piano and chooses a whole new life for himself. Many years later, he encounters a beautiful girl named Kaori Miyazono. The latter’s brilliant violin playing skills surprises him. He begins to remember his old piano playing days. Soon, he embarks on a new journey with the help of Kaori. He faces several obstacles in his voyage filled with melodious music.

Our leading man also begins to develop romantic feelings for Kaori. Watch the entire anime series to know more about it. We do not want to spoil all the drama for you!

Your Lie in April Season 2: Expected Plot

your lie in april

As we mentioned above, the budding romance between Kousei and Kaori is the main attraction of the anime show. We can expect their bond to be tested as the sophomore season progresses. However, the studio has not revealed any official plot details about the second season. But we know for sure that it will be brimmed with some exciting and heartwarming love drama. We will update this section after the confirmation of the renewal of this series.

Your Lie in April Season 2: Cast

We have listed down all the important voice actors who will return after the renewal of the show:

  • Kousei: Natsuki Hanae
  • Kaori: Risa Taneda
  • Tsubaki: Ayane Sakura
  • Ryota: Ryota Osaka
  • Takeshi: Yuki Kaji
  • Emi: Saori Hayami
  • Nagi: Ai Kayano
  • Hiroko: Mie Sonozaki
  • Koharu: Inori Minase

Your Lie in April Season 2: Release Date

As of this moment, we do not know anything about the release date of the second instalment. More than six years have passed since the first season aired on television. But the fans are unable to see any sign of the arrival of the sophomore season. Additionally, most anime studios take a long time to launch the next instalments of their shows.

On the other hand, some makers do not give a damn about the anime adaptations. They only invest in them to increase the sales of the related mangas or LN editions. They prefer to end the show with a major cliffhanger. Also, they force the fans to buy the mangas to figure out the ending. That’s how they increase the sales of their written products.

We have no official confirmation regarding the renewal of the show. Let’s hope it returns to entertain the fans for one more time.

Your Lie in April Season 2 Trailer

We only have the trailer of the first season with us! Enjoy!


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