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If you're interested in having an enjoyable experience on YouTube and YouTube Pink, install YouTube Pink APK 2022 today. Enjoy YouTube without ads or dark mode, background mode, and much more.
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11 January 2022
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Everybody is familiar with YouTube, and we are using it. However, there are some limitations one has to confront on YouTube even today.

YouTube Pink Apk

To get around the limitations that are confronted through YouTube, it is advised to install YouTube Pink Apk onto your device. With this app, you can enjoy some of the features not available on the other version of YouTube, including the ability to play videos in the background.

Control of brightness on the screen and no restrictions on the countries are this application’s primary advantages and highlights. If you’re interested in learning more about the other capabilities of the application, keep an eye on the post.

More About YouTube Pink APK :

YouTube Pink is a well-developed platform which is available to help you run a video in the background.  Many YouTube users have been annoyed that they can use or view the video as  when the go back an leave the app, the video disappears. That us not the case no as you can enjoy the platform, get entertained by watching videos even when you go back. The apk is fully pink themed which makes it much more attractive and you can use the apk safely for sure.

Users can also run their own channel now and the customizing options that the YouTube Studio makes available for you surely is irreplaceable. Thus we have developed the apk in such a way that all the features  for you proves to be very user-friendly via the apk. All the features are upgraded for you so the YouTube Pink can be an amazing entertaining platform.

YouTube Without Limits

There are many accessible and entertaining websites and apps that accessible today via our mobile phones. You can enjoy many games, movies, apps, websites, and more with an internet connection today.

The Internet lets us watch videos on YouTube and also share our ideas. You can do everything in the present time as YouTube has no cost to install and use. However, the app does have restrictions that can be irritating to users! By using YouTube Pink, you can overcome these limitations today.

We’re all aware of how YouTube adds ads to the videos to earn money from the video creators. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, occasionally, it can become a bit annoying. If you don’t wish to watch ads, then install YouTube Pink now!

The app eliminates all ads, meaning you won’t need to wait for minutes or seconds to view videos. Additionally, you can select an alternative theme to the default and then enjoy using the Dark mode.

The app lets you alter the brightness of your screen and make videos that repeat, and much more.

Recommendation from YouTube Videos

It will suggest videos that are of particular interest. The videos you’ve searched up to now will be your recommendations list.

For example, if you enjoy watching science fiction films, the recommended list will display the movie with themes and ideas of fiction and science only.

Features of the YouTube Pink APK 2022:

1.Pink theme and minimize video:

Users who install this mod apk of YouTube Pink will get all the pro version of it and you would get to access the platform in pink theme. It is very much developed and  users can now use any other app while watching videos here. You can minimize the video and use the app simultaneously easily.

2. Repeat video or sleep, change country name.

You will not have to pay for anything in the platform as  we have mentioned, you will get everything for free along with no-ads here. With it the apk also allows you to repeat the video again and again. You can put the apk to sleep by just double tap to sleep. If you want to watch videos restricted in your country then simply change the country name and watch the vidoes.

3. No Ads:

Sick and tired of watching the same repeated ads again and again that completely waste your time? No worries we bring you an ad-free YouTube. The Youtube Pink APK (Premium for Free) does not support the promotion of any ads, and thus now you can go on watching videos, using this APK without any disturbance.

4. Dark Mode:

There is hardly any person left out there who hates this feature. The dark mode feature has always been very user-friendly as it helps your eyes to relax and does not let them strain by watching videos.

5. Background Play

You must have noticed that in the original version, we were not allowed to access any other application and access YouTube videos simultaneously. YouTube Pink APK will allow you to enjoy YouTube videos and access different applications at the same time.

6. No Root:

We know that we have to root our phone first before downloading a Mod APK version. For this YouTube Pink Mod APK risky rooting of your mobile phones is not required, and you can directly download, install and use this premium app.

7. Double-tap with

It is not necessary to double-tap to close the app. You can shut down the app. This means that you don’t have to close the app manually.

8. No Restriction

In the majority of YouTube videos, you’ll be subject to the limitations of age and nationality. However, with pink YouTube, you’re not subject to the rules of the period and country.

9. Screen Brightness

If the brightness of your screen is causing you discomfort and irritating your eyes, you are no longer able to set the brightness of your screen via your notification zone.

You can set the brightness of the video by moving the video’s screen. The brightness can be selected depending on your preference.

10. Videos On-Repeat

If you are a fan of any video, the video can be played in a loop; regardless of type, you can play it over and over again. It will play the video repeatedly, no matter whether it is in the background or foreground.


We know that many of us want to use a bright themed app where we can watch our favorite youtuber’s video even after leaving the platform. Well its true that this apk is a savior as not only it looks super cool but also has some of the most user-friendly features which enhances the way we use the apk in background. If you want  a perfect YouTube app of latest version then this mod is for you. That’s why the mod apk of YouTube Pink is a must to install. This mod apk is filled with unlocked features and there is no need to spend any money here. The apk is perfectly safe to download and users will find no flaw here for sure. So download the apk from the link given below now.


How to Login in YouTube Pink APK?

To login or Sign in in the YouTube Pink follow the below steps :

  • Download and Install MicroG in your Device. Click Here to download MicroG
  • Now Download and Install YouTube Pink in your device
  • Now Uninstall or Disable YouTube Official app from your device
  • Now Open YouTube Pink and Click on the Sign In button
  • Now type your login information
  • That’s it you have successfully logged in in the YouTube Pink


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